Wednesday, March 7, 2012

no shirt

I am always listening to music but it's been forever since I put on headphones and listened. Whoa it feels good to hear it this loud. Funny how I forgot. Just one of those nights where I need my music loud. I had a strange day and I cried a lot. Sometimes I just have a weird day and crying makes it better. I dunno it's just how I work. It's been a long time since I've cried so it felt good. I don't feel like getting in to the details as I'm drained but something hurtful was done to me and I'm feeling sad and need some time to get over it and figure out things in my head. Emo shit aside I survived the day. I had some errands to run at the mall so Olive and I rode the carousel 3 times. They turn the horses into bunnies at South Coast Plaza for Easter so she was pretty pumped on that. Olive woke up from her nap pretty pissed at the world which is kinda becoming a thing lately and it takes at least an hour or more for her to get out of that nap funk. She seems to be getting enough sleep so I'm not sure what is going on but it is pretty rough. We spent the few hours left in the afternoon playing with everything and anything to make her happy. I'm sure its just a phase but it's draining. She is becoming such a funny little person and so so smart. She totally knows how to test me and see if I'm watching. Sometimes I can see she just wants attention no matter what. She knows that her crayons are for paper but occasionally she will look me straight in the eye and color somewhere else while staring at me. Like just to see how far she can push me. She does this with a lot of things. I guess it's kinda her job as a kid but it's funny to see her try and push boundaries at such a young age. We ended the night with a family dinner at a pho place where my child stripped off her shirt and refused to put it back on. Oh my. She was actually really good considering she didn't sit down the entire down and bounced all over the place but we all got to eat so I would say it was a good meal.

Little hands stealing my breakfast.

Ya not fun.

But this was.

Mad mom with gothic crying eyes.

At dinner, keeping it classy.


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