Monday, March 12, 2012

i hate your kid

If I can walk tomorrow it will be a miracle. I officially signed up for muay thai so I'll be adding that to my workout on monday and wednesday. So that will be 2 hours of back to back ass kicking which should be interesting. I hope once my body adjusts I will have more energy or a really nice ass, I'm not picky. It's so different than kickboxing and bouncing around on a bag which I love. Eventually I will have to spar with people which should be interesting. We'll see what happens when I get there.

Today we made a last minute decision to head up to Mammoth on Wednesday so I'm super excited and so looking forward to that. My mom sent a half joking text about heading up and I then sent a half joking text to Blake to see if he could take off work. It all worked out so we will be heading up. Fingers crossed Olive will be as excited. The 3 other times we've gone up she has totally gone ape shit and not slept and it's been crazy so I'm hoping it will be different now.

We've been keeping busy doing a little of this and that. We had a pretty great beach day last Friday and enjoyed the nice summer ish day. On Saturday Olive spent the day with Blake's family while we went off to a wedding and then spent the rest of the day with some friends bar hoping and wandering around drinking way too much. Ok I drank way too much Blake however did not. We ended the weekend with a pretty quiet day at home. We ventured out for some coffee and errands but pretty much hung in the backyard all day. Looking forward to a family lunch and dinner tomorrow and then a mommy/baby hang out on Wednesday then off to shred some pow pow!

So lately I've been putting records on while we eat dinner and Olive loves it. Totally dances her ass off. Today during breakfast she pointed to the record player and danced which I'm assuming meant put on a record lady. So now every time she sits down to eat she wants music. I love it! Tonight while we made dinner I let  her choose a record to put on and it happened to be Devo. The kid seriously has moves. The dancing was sweet for awhile until she realized it was meltdown time. I guess we still aren't quite there yet but I was thankful for a little dancing while she "helped" me cook. She was so independent today which was a nice break from me sitting with her 24/7. I mean I love playing but a girl needs a break.

With the weather being really nice I've been trying to take her to the park in the afternoon. It's usually pretty empty and she can play on all the slides/steps by  herself. I usually follow her for a little while till she kinda just ignores me and runs around. Today I thought I could go sit down on the bench and watch her. She was climbing this step thing and trying to jump over to another platform. I've showed  her how to do it a few times but it's kinda big girl stuff. I watched with hesitation like do I step in or let  her do it and of course she fell. She has never fallen before and it was kinda bad. Luckily she wasn't too high but there was blood. I think she bit her lip but the crying only lasted 30 seconds and then she wanted to push Sierra in the stroller so I guess she was ok but I felt so awful. I guess I still have to stalk her on the playground. We wandered around the park and this little girl kept coming up to me to ask if she could touch Sierra. If you haven't met Sierra she is 6 pounds of pure asshole to people she doesn't know especially kids. She will nip at you if you get too close and she doesn't know you. People that know her think it's hysterical cause she is probably the most cuddly thing ever. So after about a million times of me telling this little girl she can't touch Sierra and that she bites she stuck her hand out to pet her. Sierra totally bit her and the girl screamed and started crying. So I'm standing there trying to make sure this kid isn't bleeding while Sierra is literally trying to eat this child. Luckily she didn't break skin at all but the kid ran back to her mom and I had no idea what to do. Mom of the year standing there cursing. Oh sidenote I hate other peoples kids. I'm not a kid person at all. I LOVE my kid and my friends kids and treat them like my own but if I don't know you I am not all warm and fuzzy. So anyways I contemplated going over to the mom and telling her I was sorry and that her stupid kid didn't listen to me but I could see that the mom could give two shits and I know she saw me one of the million times tell her kid not to touch my dog. Then Olive was wandering around the park and there were 2 balls just sitting there and she grabbed one. This little boy I kid you not ran clear across the huge park to rip it from her arms and tell her it was his. Then he ran clear back across the park back to his swing and didn't even play with the ball. Kids are little dicks. I mean this happens all the time in the pool and on playdates with my friends and their kids and I don't even think twice about it but when it's a kid I don't know and he's just mean it pisses me off. Guess I need to put on my happy face for the park and be nice or something....

Anyways stupid park rant and now on to photos...

morning park session.


spring flowers.

naked lunch eater.

please don't buy this for me mom.

sippy cup drinker.

dancing with elmo.

this momma is going out!

waiting at the bar for my friend. so so nice!


Olive and Gabriel.

Eating seaweed and she tried her first oreo. She didn't even finish it. Who is this kid?

how can you point out airplanes when there is a puppy at your feet??
happy hour while olive takes a late nap.

too much sangria.

making sure i try all the drinks.

Vegan wedding with the best vegan cupcakes I've ever had.

The happy couple.

When we got off the freeway I saw this bar and knew we needed to go back after the wedding. We were the only people that did not ride up on a Harley, have a cowboy hat, or think it was 1980. It was surreal.

Plus we looked like giant assholes dressed all fancy.

See we look like assholes.

man hugs.

the bathroom was reallllll classy.

the bride and her socks.

bathroom photo.



  1. I am with you on disliking other kids!!! I totally feel the same way!!!!

  2. Playground is serious biz. I hate going. No one watches their own kids.