Thursday, March 1, 2012

suck it cold

I'm slowly recovering from my cold which means it's slowly creeping onto Olive. I feel like the sick comes at the worst possible time. One of my best high school friends is out here from Portland and is throwing a birthday party for her one year old this weekend. I've been looking forward to her trip for months and then this week of all weeks we get sick. Really immune system you suck! Fingers crossed Olive wakes up snot free and her snot was just her 4 teeth coming in. I know that teething and snot is kinda a scam but I need something to blame cause I'm in denial.

On a good note my mom came out for a few days to hang out which always makes Olive extremely happy. My mom has been trying to get Olive to say grandma since she was born and today she finally said it! It was a funny version of it since g's are tricky but she said it over and over in the same exact tone as my mom did. If you ask her where grandma is or tell her to give something to grandma she gets it but I'm not totally convinced she connected the word to my mom. Either way it's adorable and my mom is more than thrilled. We've been keeping busy running around doing little errands and such. It is so much easier to have an extra hand while trying to get stuff done and of course a hell of a lot more fun.Yesterday we attempted a dinner out which was interesting. My anxiety shoots through the roof every time we go out to eat. I knew it would be fine with my mom there to help but it's still like wrangling a wild beast. We're at the point where sitting in a booth is the best thing for her. She refuses to sit in a high chair so we've been getting a booster seat. She spent the night going back and forth to sitting on the booster to standing in the booth. We've learned sushi places are a safe bet and miso soup will buy a really long time as long as her wearing it isn't a big deal. The kid loves miso soup. Also a bowl of ice and a spoon. I've tried toys and books and she has zero interest in those things anymore while at dinner. We survived the dinner and it wasn't awful so slowly (re)learning how to eat with her when she won't sit in a high chair. At home this is becoming a problem too and I'm not totally sure how to deal with it. Everytime things get hectic I go back to the whole one day at a time thing.

I'm writing this the next night since I forgot to post last night. Olive is officially sick with a stupid cold. I wish she would just snuggle and want to watch movies but she just won't slow down at all. She literally ran around the entire house today non stop. I finally got her to rest for a little and watch her new favorite Elmo dvd for maybe 30 min but if you know my kid this is a long time to sit. It was freezing out today so we only spent a few min outside which made it hard but cold just seems to get the snot flowing and it's just gross. She was pretty happy most of the day but as soon as dinner came she lost her mind and refused to eat anything except a few bites of tofu and a cauliflower. Like full on meltdown with tears. I have no idea why or what pissed her off but it wasn't fun so she went to dinner with no food which always makes me sad. Getting her to bed was another thing. She cried forever till we finally gave her some meds and rocked her to sleep. She was a little warm and with her 4 teeth coming in she is just not a happy kid. Hoping for a good night, last night was pretty brutal as we were up with her for awhile with her feeling pretty crappy. Nothing worse than a sick kid. Hoping tomorrow is better and warm so we can at least spend the day in the backyard.

I just spent the last few hours going through boxes of crap my mom brought me. She is purging her attic and giving me boxes of crap. I feel like a hoarder with all this shit I have kept over the years. I found a box of troll dolls and mini cabbage patch kids that I'm excited to give Olive. I also found a hug box of letters and cards. I read every single on of them and man oh man was I boy crazy. Some letters were from friends who moved away but most were people I say everyday at school. Way before text and email, so funny to see all these letters since we've kinda lost that these days. Also a few love letters which made me laugh. I ended up throwing them all away. They made me laugh but I don't think I need to keep them or read them again. That and I'm running out of room to keep all this crap! I think I have about 5 more boxes to go through so my goal is a box a night and then I will be done in no time.

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she wasn't actually relaxing. she was just bouncing and fell like this.

i'm not a doll person at all. this doll scares me a lot.

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