Monday, March 26, 2012


I should be asleep but I just spent the last hour doing boring tax stuff so I need something to entertain me before bed and get these stupid numbers out of my head. Olive was up for hours night last night. I wish I knew why but I don't. From about 11 till 2 I was going back and forth from her room to our bed to try and get her to sleep. She would fall asleep in her crib for a few min and as soon as I was back in my bed almost asleep she would scream. It wasn't the kind where you kinda just let her figure it out, it sounded more serious or maybe in the middle of the night I'm too tired to figure out her screams. Either way I got her and put her in our bed a few times. She just wouldn't sleep so finally after like 3 back and forth attempts she went back to sleep till 6. I hope she doesn't get my crappy sleeping habits and bouts of insomnia. Please tell me I'm not the only mom that has wanted to crawl in the crib just so they sleep. Let's hope tonight is not a repeat performance.

For getting no sleep I was actually quite awake all day, probably cause I got just too little sleep and was delirious. You know that point? We ran a few errands today then headed to a story time we've never gone to before. It was in the Santa Ana library. After you pass through the nastiest underground parking garage and then excuse yourself through homeless people and their makeshift homes you get to the library. Woohoo. The story time room is actually awesome, cool stage like stairs to sit on and it feels really cozy. It was mostly songs and one story which was perfect. Olive even danced her ass off in front of the room to a song sung in Spanish which was hilarious as she was the only white kid in the room and the only one dancing. Oh and that isn't meant to be racist just an observation as I was the only mom speaking English to my kid. Nothing wrong with it in fact I think it's great and maybe she will learn a few words. We spent the rest of the day hanging at home and being pretty bored. The rain was pretty crazy sunday so parks were kinda out of the question. Tomorrow should be a bit more exciting as we can venture outside.

*some photos from the weekend

snacking on bagel chips and lounging.

after her tumbling class she was beat!


dancing with elmo.

cameron took the family out to dinner on friday and it was delicious. mama got some wine and ribs and olive was a total champ (aka she was in a booth and got to bounce around the entire time which thrilled her)

sharing noodles.

we started refinishing our table. this is the before. i'm so excited about this!!

sharing peanut butter.

she seriously wanted this.

first corn on the cob. big fan.

family outing to portola for coffee and treats.

no table and rain means indoor picnics.

so much rain.

tofu pizza for blake and olive and prosciutto pizza for me. 


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  1. Ha that corn pic and Elmo hat! The storytime song along we go to have so many other languages spoken, they sing many songs multiple times in different languages. It's funny when the older kids try out some new words