Wednesday, March 28, 2012


Can we just talk about kegels ( I hope that is the correct spelling) for one second here? I know tmi bla bla bla but clearly talking about inappropriate things is kinda my thing but I cannot stress how important it is to do kegel exercises AFTER you give birth. My mom told me but in Jenn fashion I did not listen and I am paying for it. I did them when I was pregnant in my yoga class but then I kinda neglected them and if my kegels were people they would be the fat kid for sure. Since I've joined this muay thai class we do a lot of jumping which means every single time I jump I pee myself. Hot right? Today I figured out a way to stop it and I'm sure my face looked awesome but holy shit I hope it's not too late and I will recover and not  have to wear depends by the time I'm 40. I've noticed it happening when I sneeze or cough and most recently when I barfed a few weeks ago. I know its gross but I just don't want anyone to make the same mistake I did.

Besides peeing myself things are good. I had an amazing hour muay thai class and an hour of kickboxing and I feel so good. I got to punch a dude in the ribs over and over it was awesome. He is probably about 400 pounds and like the nicest guy so I felt awful but he kept telling me to do it and I figured all 5'1 of me wasn't going to do much damage. Some days I leave that class feeling so defeated because everything is so hard and it's very much a boys world but other days things come together and I feel so good like I'm really getting it. I guess that's why I like it, you can always kinda improve and push yourself. Now um where is my 6 pack??

Anyways back to mom and kid stuff. Today we adventured to Zoomars with Katie and Kylie. Its the cutest little petting zoo in San Juan Capistrano. I wish I had known about it sooner cause it's a great spot for the kids. We had a quick coffee at the cutest little coffee place and let the kids run around and eat aka spill snacks. So many critters to pet!  They had a cute little playground and an area filled with corn kernals that the kids could play in. Kinda like a version of a ball pit. Such a lovely afternoon being outside.
they were checking out a baby pig.

corn. kinda cool huh?


there are llamas behind me!

they both wanted to swing with katie.

it is not that warm out yet but she seriously doesn't care. all she wants to do is be naked and play with water.

she made me put these shoes on. usually she is very serious about matching shoes but i guess she was feeling wild. and yes she is watering me.

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