Monday, March 19, 2012

mammoth pow pow

Long weekends and vacations are the best. This was the first trip in a really long time that felt relaxing. Our past few times in Mammoth with Olive have been a little hectic due to her pulling all nighters but besides one shitty night of sleep she was amazing. She loved the snow and loved being with the dogs and especially my parents. There is really nothing better than time with Grandma. Blake and I got to escape and snowboard two days in a row which was a real treat. I don't think we ever put real clothes on besides Saturday night when Kat, Nick, and Sonia came by and even so we were in our cozy clothes. As much as I like getting dressed for the day going between pj's and snow clothes is totally fine by me. I ended up getting crazy sick early sunday morning and thought I had the flu. I'm all better now but something hit me hard and I purged everything out of the system. Hello detox. I laugh about it now cause I feel good but 6 hours of driving and entertaining Olive when I thought I was dying was awful. Sickness aside the trip was so much fun! My thighs are still feeling the burn of the fresh powder we got to ride.

first in n out grilled cheese.

late night drive and so so tired.

blake making fun of my "flash is too bright face."

olive snuggling the ski patrol dog.

her first gondola ride. LOVED it.


my dad.

i was on a dirty shirley kick the whole trip.

little hands stealing doughnuts.

bloody mary stop after a whole two hours of riding. we're old.

lunch of champs.

sonia pushing olive in the baby stroller.

baby love.

the ride home. in n out again. i swear we ate healthy in there.

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