Monday, February 27, 2012

solvang or bust

After a wonderful and much needed girls trip I'm home. No nasty hangover but I do have a terrible cold. Such a good time with my friends eating, drinking, dancing, and drinking, and a little more drinking. Wine tasting was the best time I've had in a really long time and dancing at a country bar that turned into a hip hop club was quite possibly the funniest night in a long time. Celebrating Ashley getting married was a success! I'll spare this blog my long winded stories and just show my first round of photos.....

on the road looking mad cause i had to drink bad coffee.

but happy cause i ate the most delicious fish tacos.

almost to solvang.

first stop is to a tasting room!

wandering the streets of solvang.

route 246.

the viking bar.

we used to cause a lot of trouble together but now we have to pretend to look wild cause we're old.

what we didn't consume in alcohol calories we made up for in fancy chocolates and french macaroons.


wandering the streets of solvang while the rest of the world sleeps in and this fuzzy stuff followed me.

consuming treats and caffeine.

the bride to be.

ashley and mini horses.

we made her a cowboy for the night.

ashley and tamar killing it on the dancefloor.

part of her "dare" for the night was to get a piggyback ride from a stranger. check!

this old dude is cooler than i will ever be.

the sick.

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  1. It's so beautiful there!!! Looks like you had fun! Get better soon!