Wednesday, April 11, 2012

18 months plus a few weeks

I've slacked on the once a month postings but I think this month has been the biggest change in a long time. First off she finally hit the 20 pound mark, 20.1 to be exact. And she is 32 inches tall. Still really skinny but if you've been around her then you know why. She doesn't stop moving unless she is asleep, the kid has serious energy which I think comes from her good eating :) She eats really healthy and like any toddler there are meals she just straight up refuses. Some days she eats more than I do and other days she acts like I'm feeding her poison, she is so repulsed by what I give her. I've learned to just go with it and try my best. For the most part she is a really good eater. Her 18 month check up was a complete nightmare. She is normally whatever about the dr's office but this time she was so so upset. She screamed her head off and clung on to me. It was totally bizarre but that morning I noticed she was just kinda off so I'm thinking she wasn't feeling well. I didn't end up giving her an vaccines cause I wasn't sure if she was getting sick and I knew there was no way she would lay down for that. I guess I've been lucky to have good visits for 18 months but I'm a little worried to go back in a few weeks for some shots. So anyways I thought she was sick cause she was snotty but turns out it's just allergies or at least that is what I think. She isn't sick and I'm 100% sure of that. I suffered and still suffer from allergies like crazy so I'm hoping she won't get it like I did. Poor thing. Anyways snot face aside she has been great. It was like all of a sudden on monday she decided she really wanted to talk. She has a pretty good vocabulary and a list of words she will say all the time but monday she repeated everything and anything I asked. It was crazy. Some words she only gets the first few letters or the last bit of the word but she tries so hard. I feel like she has definitely entered a new phase of talking. She is really into her baby and brings her everywhere. It's really sweet and occasionally I will catch her giving her kisses which is just too much. As much as she is wild she is sweet. She is kind and respectful while still being a wild toddler. She gives random hugs and kisses and signs thank you without even being told. I've noticed her getting a little more cautious with other kids. If we are at the park and other kids show up she points and makes noises like she is upset about them being there in her space. Eventually she gets over it and will be social but it takes a little longer now. She gets a little shy and hides behind my leg with new people but it usually only lasts for a few minutes. The funniest thing is how much she hates to get dirty. If she is eating and there is food stuck to her hands she gets really upset until I wipe it off. I tried to show her how to fingerpaint yesterday and she hated it. I showed her how to dip her finger and paint which she did but she was so offended by the paint on her hands that she made me wipe it off after each dip. Water is a whole other story. She will splash, play, stick her hands in any water no matter how dirty. Funny kid for sure. She still loves to be naked ALL THE TIME.  As soon as we are at home she can't rip her clothes off fast enough. I don't mind except she is peeing everywhere like a damn puppy. I've tried to tell her to let me know when she has to go potty but she only says potty after she is done so she isn't quite getting it. It's so fun to see so much personality come out of a little person. With personality comes meltdowns and tantrums. We have good days and bad days but I think more than anything I've learned how to handle them a little better and have been able to be a bit more calm.
Blake has a few unexpected days off this week so I'm really looking forward to having him around to hang out and be able to do the fun things with Olive that I normally do throughout the week.

grumpy face.

i love her dr's office..


her new friend.


she gets super pumped to give brobee a bite.


not a fan.

she likes to ask me what everything is over and over.

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