Wednesday, April 25, 2012

earthquake weather

Oh hey earthquake weather. Ok so today it felt like we were living in Hawaii. It was stormy and tropical then cold then windy. It was weird. If you live in California you know what that means when someone says earthquake weather and I'm just saying........
Fingers crossed I'm wrong but things are wacky! Olive and I didn't have any plans today as we expected it to be pouring so when the sun was shining the am I decided we needed to make a trip to the farmers market. We tested all the strawberries and Olive covered her face and outfit with red and then danced her ass off to the guitar player. We got yummy veggies in which I made a delicious vegan stew tonight. We ran a few more errands and Olive decided she would nap before lunch. I tried to wake her but she told me no and pointed to her room. Let me tell you about toddlers and their opinions. So at 11:45am Olive took a nap which made the day VERY long. Later afternoon naps break up the day but this just kinda made for a long ass afternoon. We spent the rest of the day playing in the backyard, watching elmo, and having serious coloring sessions. We face timed with my mom who got to witness Olive literally run laps around the house. I just want an ounce of her energy. Then she pointed out a spider in her kitchen but called it a bug. Sometimes I think she is just messing around but there was definitely a massive spider cruising around. So so gross. Earthquakes and spiders are so not my thing.

her first ring pop. she sat with me at the dermatologist for over an hour like a champ! they gave me a shot and she held my hand and was so concerned.

my location for mondays shoot. real bummer huh.

more pretty stormy beach.

insomnia + too much red lipstick before 9am= weird angry tired mom face.

back to get shots. she did much better this time. only a few tears.

fashion island.

she is so excited about our strawberry plant.

always gettin weird.

she has been jumping off the couch so i decided it was time to do it the safe way. also i think there is a meal on my lens which is why it's fuzzy.

dinner time usually ends in my kitchen in shambles.


this face. so much strawberry everywhere.

she loves to "surf" in the big part. probably not the safest as the looks i get could kill but she is happy and has incredible balance so whatever.

makings of a vegan stew, potatoes, shallots, purple carrots, green onions, mushrooms, and onions and a GIANT glass of wine.

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