Wednesday, April 18, 2012

hi i'm back

I kinda took a break from the blog, not on purpose but things have been crazy around these parts. We've been busy running around but I've also been fighting some shitty allergy cold thing that has made me pretty icky and bla about sitting on the computer. Blake had a few days off last week and ironically I ended up getting a few shooting jobs. It worked out great where he was able to watch Olive and take her to swim and little gym class so it was a pretty nice change for me to be the one going to a job. It was hectic but it all worked out. This week I have a few more jobs as well and it's been tricky since Blake is back at work. Luckily his mom is able to take her tomorrow until Blake can get off work and grab her. I hate putting other people out since she works as well but I am also truly thankful for the work and the help with Olive. Just gotta figure out how to go from swimming, to the shower, to lunch time, all while keeping her up past her nap in less than an hour. Fingers crossed. I'll take the stress if it means I get a paycheck.
I feel like I have a billion photos to post and I honestly can't remember what has happened in the last week or so but the photos do. And ya mostly instagram photos.......

see i own a big girl camera.

dancing to descendents. the video that goes with this is probably my most favorite thing ever. i'd post it but there is a bit too much nudity. she went nuts.

sewing her backpatch back on cause i washed it and it fell off. not so punk rock.

my first photo shoot of the week.

obese pup.

she got many bites.

pumped on the cake.

waiting for blake to try on clothes. she would jump off and roll on the ground. i'm sure everyone wanted to kill me but she was happy so whatever.

i have no idea why i took this photo.

meltdown in target like whoa.

Ciclavia. Downtown LA streets closed off for bikes. We rode 10 miles then drank for 3 hours. So much fun!

Dave and Lauren.

The real housewives of La Fixed. aka wives, girlfriends, and babes that ride bikes.

post ride dinner @ mexico city. this made me miss la. lots of babies and hip parents.

blake getting interviewed by NPR marketplace.

the drive home. pretty dirty la light.

has full on conversations with pauses and laughs and everything on her phone.

chalk + water.

lap around the hood.

swings made her sleepy.

she asked to hold the rolly polly.

i have no idea. my shoes used to be clean....

cassoulet is my new favorite thing ever.

hugs with gavin.

Sea World.

Nola, Gavin, and Olive waiting for the pet show to start.

she was showing him how to jump off.

a little stroll outside before bed. she hates clothes but loves shoes and hats. her color choices are kinda amazing. she is VERY particular which one she chooses.

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