Tuesday, April 3, 2012

splish splash

You know what makes me happy?? New episodes of 16 and pregnant! Such a guilty pleasure. The latest one actually had a girl that wanted to give birth naturally (and she did) and breastfed for more than a week! I thought it was pretty cool for mtv to finally show that there are options since every single episode it seems that these kids are getting pumped with epidurals and pitocin like it's totally normal. Not judging as I don't care how you birth your kid but I think its cool that kids watching the show see there are options. But really more importantly why the hell are these kids getting pregnant so young. Gross. When I was 16 I was a total asshole I can't even imagine being pregnant that young. Geeezzz.

So I just downed at least a pound of frozen yougurt which I'm pretty sure canceled out my amazing workout last night and probably the next few that this week. Major fail. I've been really good at avoiding sugar lately but clearly right now I just can't say no. But really that shit was good. So last week I was bitching and moaning about my teenage acne face and I ended up getting a facial with a gift certificate I had from Christmas. So I got one of those acid peels, I don't think I've ever had one before but holy shit it was life changing. My face isn't clear yet or even close but it helped sooooooo much and I'm kinda blown away. My goal is to get back and get another one in the next few weeks and clear the rest up. The women who did it told me my face was no problem to clear up cause it was just hormonal. I like her confidence and I'll believe anything at this point. Bad skin just makes you feel ugly so I'm so ready for it to be over!

Today Olive and I started the day with a walk to the park. She is so funny when other kids show up on the playground. She pulls this kinda shy girl act at first and then gets really mad and says no over and over again like she wants them to leave. If they get near her she looks at me like I should tell them to leave. I'm not really sure why but its just another funny toddler thing that has happened lately. Seems like everyday there are lots of surprises from her and new quirky things that she does. She for sure keeps the day interesting. Later in the day my friend Lauren came over to hang out with us and have a little pool party. We drank beers and watched Olive splash around. So lovely and I even have a little tan going on.

orange groves.

olive and lauren balancing buckets of water.

pb&js and beer while olive naps.

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