Friday, April 20, 2012

overcast beach party

Job #3 done and one more to go! It's been fun(ny) to go from mom to photographer a few times this week. I mean working moms do it everyday but since my jobs are so random it's hard to get out of mom mode and get into photo mode. Yesterdays shoot was long and exhausting and it's been a while that I've felt that burnt after only shooting a few hours. I shot the most adorable teenager who is staring in a new abc family show. There is a good chance I will watch it since teenage sitcoms aka bad tv is kinda my guilty pleasure. She was super fun and energetic but I could have done without her 8 person entourage of publicists and whoever else was in tow. It's been awhile as I've mostly been hired for pretty low key portraits where I don't even have hair and makeup (which I prefer so much more) so this was kinda overwhelming but I survived. I finished editing tonight and now Blake is working on his retouching side job. Pretty much we know how to party on a friday night.

We had the most fun day today and I'm struggling to keep my eyes open. We had our little gym class which was awesome. Olive was in full blown maniac mode. She was jumping off everything and throwing herself on the ground doing somersaults in the middle of class. She would just start dancing and running into walls but thinking it was funny. She was wired. She was happy and not getting in anyones way so I guess I can't complain. After class we met up with some moms and babes at the beach. Sadly the sun never came out but it was fun to see everyone and baby wrangle. The weather is supposed to be amazing this weekend so it looks like we'll be at the beach enjoying it.

We've been putting Olive to bed a little later these days. She was really fighting her 7:00 bedtime so we've been pushing it till around 7:30-7:45 and she seems so much happier. She still gets up at her 6:04 or 6:08 but she seems to be fine till her nap time around 1. Her eating has been really difficult lately, she just seems totally uninterested in meals. It has nothing to do with what I'm feeding her but she just doesn't want to eat. I've had to play games with the food and physically feed her to get her to take bites. Once I get her going with a game or give her baby or Brobee bites she takes a few on her own but for the most part she would just sit there or tell me she is all done. It's crazy as she has always been a great eater but I imagine this is just one of the toddler things I'm going to have to deal with. Meals just take a bit longer these days but as long as she gets some food in I'm good. Hoping she will get over this soon. I think it's hard too cause all of my friends have no problem with their kids eating so I feel a little alone and weird. I know that's silly but with most baby stuff there is usually someone on the same page that can kinda understand so you don't feel like it's just you. I know she is healthy but since she is super skinny I want to make sure she is getting enough food.

This morning we were in Olive's room and I hear her say spider which sounds more like spid so I run over and there is a spider on the wall. I quickly grab a wipe and kill it and she looks at me and starts clapping and then signs thank you. Who is this kid?? I've never in my life killed a spider around her but she clearly did not want that thing around.



my roses are massive. i cut them back for winter and then boom they are HUGE!

high fives.

beach babes.

mom and baby party.

so much blonde hair.

her new thing is sitting on the ball and trying to balance. naked of course.

quinoa and kale patties.

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  1. I love bad shows like that too! I wish we could go to the beach. It's still a little too chilly here for that