Wednesday, April 11, 2012


I'm a bit late on the Easter posting but we had a wonderful weekend. We started off with Passover at a friends house on friday night. A very loose Passover I should say. I made some matzo balls and my friend made a few other passover friendly foods. We drank wine and then a little more wine. Olive was the only kid there and she was amazing. She kept busy stealing all the cheese and matzo on the table. I think she downed half a thing of brie by the time the night was over. Kid loves her cheese. We all sat around their table eating and drinking and she happily hung out. We figured it would be a late night and would just leave when she got tired. Around 9:30 I could see she was just done so I took her in my friends room and put her on their bed. I walked out of them room when she was awake and kinda peeked through the door and in 2 minutes she was asleep like a champ without a peep. She was such a trooper and sooooo good! It gave us a few more hours of adult time which was so nice. The next morning and after I kickboxed the shit out of my hangover we headed out to my parents for the weekend. We enjoyed a lovely Easter. Olive decorated eggs although I don't think she was too impressed with it. She did however enjoy her Easter basket and goodies. There was pool and jacuzzi time and lots of eating and relaxing. It's always hard to go home.........

attempting to grow bangs out.

date night.

goodies for matzo ball soup and matzo crack.

she drinks all soup like miso soup.


party animal.

this was my proof i made it to class.

shoving candy in her mouth which she quickly spit out.

passing out.

blake and i went on a ride. it was my first bike ride back in 2.5 years. it hurt a lot.

on the back of my dad's motorcycle.

Sierra and Grandma.

Lily and Olive.

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