Sunday, April 22, 2012

no sun

The sun decided not to come out this weekend and it was actually quite chilly which kinda put a damper on the beach day. We did end up down at the beach but not actually sitting on the sand. We did a little shopping to find Blake some shoes for our friends wedding and got Olive a new bikini and booty shorts cause that is what every toddler needs! Today we took Olive on her first bike ride on the boardwalk. Getting her in the bike seat was not so easy and then trying to put a helmet on, oh my. Once she was strapped in she was so happy and loved it. I think had we gone on a really long ride she would have fallen asleep. We spent the evening at home and Olive was on quite the wild terror. She just kept testing us and testing us. Problem is she is getting really smart so she is so aware of what she is doing and how she can get a rise from us. Oh my is it exhausting. So at dinner she just pushed and pushed and she got her first time out. I kept waiting till I felt she was old enough to understand having a time out and I think we are there for sure. I sat her on a chair and just made her sit there and told her that we don't throw our plate across the room. She was upset and cried a bit but as soon as the time out was over she was back to her normal self so I'm not sure if that is good or bad. She ended up on that chair again tonight and this time she just fucked with me. She started making funny sounds with her mouth and just sat there with a giant fuck you grin on her face. Terrible twos have nothing on this 19 month old. So I'm not sure if we need to do the time out longer or what I'm supposed to do? I explained to her what she did wrong and to say sorry. Her sorry is adorable by the way. Also before you think I'm super bitch mom I know kids throw food on the ground but this was her being a total little shit about it. Um have you seen the size of my Chihuahua? But this was after I had asked her to do something and she didn't want to so she got mad and the plate and my floor suffered. But on a good note her eating the last two days has been excellent!

learning how to eat out with a toddler. must sit in a booth, she insists her shoes come off, cup of ice, water, and car keys and you can have a semi relaxing meal.

this is how i spent my saturday night. wild!

her new bikini and flip flops. summer ready.

time out.

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