Thursday, April 19, 2012

extreme couponing is the devil

Lately my guilty pleasure has been turning on Anderson while Olive naps. The last few weeks Olive has sure kept me busy and I've had great pleasure in just crashing on the couch with Anderson. Sometimes I have guilt when I know I could be doing laundry or cleaning something then I quickly forget when my head hits the pillow and my dog cuddles next to me. So anyways last week he had on this lady who was an extreme couponer. While I'm a huge fan of coupons and saving money this lady was bat shit crazy. They did a tour of her garage which was filled with shit like litterally shitty food that will kill you. I'm gonna get all judgy cause it's fact that eating like crap is bad for you, it's not just my opinion. She opened up a fridge and the entire side had hotdogs. Does anyone need 100 packs of hotdogs???I mean lets be honest I love me a hot dog, in fact I had one yesterday at sea world and it was great but then I came home and had a delicious healthy meal with veggies. It wasn't just the hot dogs it was the chips, and other foods that can sit on the shelf for too long. Stuff that you should only consume here and there. Oh and the candy, like bins of it. It made me want to vomit. She was so proud of how they don't spend any money on food. Ummmmm when you have to get a triple bypass are you still gonna be pumped on those thousands of dollars you saved? She never once mentioned a vegetable or fruit and we all know they are not handing out coupons for produce.

I love me some good reality tv, I mean doesn't everyone but seriously I feel like these extreme couponers are just a version of hoarders. America is so gross. Come on lets stuff our garage with tons of food that is terrible for our bodies and then get on tv for not spending any money on it. It makes me sick. I mean we should all indulge in crappy food once in awhile but if it's your life I think you're gross.

Please tell me I'm not the only one that gets angry about this stuff?? Sometimes I think I'm nuts.........

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  1. I watched those extreme couponing shows and thought the same thing. It's so gross. Once yet did have a vegan on there talking about how you don't need to buy crap to get good deals.