Monday, May 6, 2013

$8/10 days

Wanna play a super fun game???? How to survive with $8 for the next 10 days. This is going to be super interesting. I wish I was kidding but I'm not. This month my budgeting sucked balls as I needed a smog check and I did a big Target run.  Totally screwed myself. This generally happens every month and we get by but this is the smallest amount so far. Good times good times. I'm not going to worry as I can't do a damn thing except complain here which makes it a little better. Our week is really mellow so we don't need to spend a dime except I REALLY needed facewash but I can get pretty creative. That and my friend coming into town this weekend which I really wanted a dinner out with her so I'm thinking I need to get my shit together and sell some clothes. I've been meaning to do this for the last few months as I've been in the purging mood but I think this week is the ideal time. So wish me luck and I'll report back! Life is silly sometimes but at this point I'm not stressing and just going to make it an adventure!

On to fun things like this weekend. Sunday was such a fun day. We saw Disney on Ice with my parents and Olive loved it! It's seriously such a fun show and perfect for her age. That and eating cotton candy and slushies is not a bad way to spend the afternoon. Then that evening we went back to our house with my parents and Blake's parents and had a pizza party. Two sets of grandparents in one room (and one uncle) is kinda the best thing in the world. We ate pizza and I made a chocolate cake. Olive got her first official haircut too. It was pretty much the perfect way to spend a sunday. Today has been a  kinda off day. I'm feeling pretty crampy and tired but probably from running around too much. Sometimes I don't realize that I do so much cause I'm just used to and comfortable with being on the run. We had swim which is always my favorite because Olive is the happiest in her lesson and she usually plays for an hour in the pool which gives me some chill time. After we got a smog check and went to Target. After lunch and a nap we headed out to my midwife appt. She said everything was fine but if I was crampy that I needed to rest. Um ya let me get on that. I've been pounding water and coconut water hoping that will help but the occasional cramping keeps creeping. I can't believe I hit 35 weeks this week. In three weeks I will be full term, thats insane. As much as I want this little guy to cook as long as he needs I'm antsy and ready to get this show on the road!

isla and olive. these blondies are gonna break some hearts. 

so so happy in the water. 

taking gabriel for a ride. 

kelp jumper. 

little rare quiet moments. 

we got rhubarb in our farm fresh shipment and we made a crumble. interesting flavor....

good for breakfast but not sure i'm sold on rhubarb. 

painting colab. 

art is hard work. 

daily chicken run. 


slushy and grandma. 

cotton candy is so so good. 

family portrait. 

enjoying the cake. 

the haircut. she has the same hair as blake's mom so she gave it some layers and cut some length and it looks so so much better. photos of the cut soon but she woke up with epic bedhead and after swim it was a mess all day. 

two grandmas in the same bathroom is kinda her dream come true. 

watching her swim in the rain. 

olive wanted to take our photo. 

she has been at every midwife appt with me so she is getting really good and knowing exactly what to do. my midwife is amazing and lets her help with everything so she is getting super good. today was the first time she asked for my measuring tape. she held it just like she does in the appt. cutest thing ever. 

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