Sunday, May 19, 2013

please exit

So um ya done being pregnant. I know I've been saying that for a while now but this is serious now. This baby is big, I am sure of it. He feels so much bigger and different than Olive. Oh and the cramps. Today I had two contractions/Braxton Hicks that brought me down. Once scared me to the point where I was thinking this is it, he is on his way. Obviously the cramping is so spaced out and very clearly not the real deal but man oh man I am ready. On friday or I guess according to my midwifes calendar next sunday (a week from now) I will be 37 weeks and full term. While I trust my body will do what it needs to do and when it needs to do it I am for sure putting it out there that I am ready! When people ask when I'm due I always tell them the date then say but I am sure he will come early. Lets hope I'm not jinxing myself and he will come at 42 weeks. Oh can you just imagine???? His movements are so strong. So for now my guess he will come June 8th and he will be around 8.5 pounds.

The other night I went back and read a few of my postings from when I was 36 weeks with Olive. I complained about similar things but the funny part was (and I'm sure I went back and figured this out already) was that weeks before she was due I guessed the date and I actually blogged on her due date and talked about how I felt different for some reason and I just knew something was going to happen. It was a little strange honestly. I don't actually remember writing that or what I actually felt so I'm curious if this time around I will be that in touch. Either way just trying to positive and as healthy as possible. I got Olive's cold but I'm really trying to get it out of my body as fast as I can and hope that Blake doesn't get it and then he is sick when the baby is born. That would be a total nightmare! I felt it come on last night so today is day one and I managed to go to two parties and be in a pretty good mood so lets hope it's mild and quick. This week is a bit crazy as our garage decided to flood and we have no idea why. Luckily a plumber is coming out tomorrow but I'm guessing there is something major happening as there are other weird water related problems happening all over the house. Lets hope its not and can be done in a day. The last thing I want is a house that needs major work while I'm in labor. It would totally fuck with my nesting which is like in full crazy mode right now. Oh the poor lists that Blake gets at 4am when I can't sleep and feel crazy about things that I want done. Some of the things I obviously wish he would just do and I wouldn't have to ask him over and over but I'm pretty sure if he just pulled out the vacuum randomly one night after dinner or started cleaning the toilet I would for sure think he was cheating on me. But ya this mama needs some help. My house is just sticky and I can't keep up. I've been staring at a disgustingly dirty toaster and microwave all week that just needs love and I am just too tired to do it. The world isn't going to end if it's not cleaned but man oh man it sure bugs me when I'm in my anal want everything organized mode. Luckily we have been getting so much done with the house but since I'm not as helpful it's a bit slower. The chicken coop is all set up and looks awesome. We haven't moved them in there full time yet as they are still a bit too little but probably in the next week or two. We still have bushes to clear and flowers to plant but it looks soooooo much better!

I have big plans of bedtime before 10am so its time for a big ol photodump.

ferris wheel hair. 

big bump. 

balboa bar before all the sprinkles fell off. 

she didn't seem to mind. 


waiting on her hot dog. 

serious paint session. 

sometimes her outfit choices amuse me. i asked her to go put clothes on if she wanted to help me in the kitchen and she comes back in these. 

popcorn and the muppets movie. she wasn't too into it. 

so we did this instead. 

she is starting to kinda get it. 

dressed like a crazy cat lady and pants less smoothie drinking. 

everyday after her nap "lets go get those chickens." she just loves them! 

our garden is starting to really grow. we have so much arugula and i have no idea what to do with it except nightly salads for sure. the sweet peas are delicious but we only got those two. the squash is out of control and we will probably end up with like 20 in the next few days. 

birthday party bound. so i've been making wrapping paper and it's super fun. i made another one with stripes for a party today but forgot a photo. it's nothing fancy or complicated but i had the best time doing it. 

tea with the birthday girl violet. 

group photos are always interesting.......

serious tea party attire. 

these little girls are the best. it was so cute to see them all dressed up. 

they all took a few stabs at it. 

helping the chickens in the coop. 

space ghost. 

pretty light. 

speedway. white trash entertainment at its finest. 

this kid loves cotton candy. 

harley night at speedway wearing pa's leather jacket. 

checking out the waves before brunch with the cousins. 


art table. 

and of course a quick swim. 

between parties we rested. 

then it was time to ride the pony. 

and of course a group shot or a good attempt. 

it's always fun to have an excuse to wear cowboy boots. 

and of course cupcakes. 

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  1. hope this week is easy on you :) some of my favorite arugula ideas (i also get a ton & am always looking for new things to try): i make a lemon/parm/olive oil/garlicky pasta & toss in a bunch of the wilts a little & tastes like heaven. i also make a flatbread with a little olive oil & parm & then top with an arugula/tomato salad. and it makes a good pesto, too!