Wednesday, May 8, 2013

sleepy babe

Olive is taking a very suspicious 10:30am nap. She has been up pretty early these past days and skipped a few naps so its possible she is just tired but I dunno. I'm hoping she isn't getting sick or something cause this isn't like her. I'm thankful for the break as I feel hellish. I hit "that" point yesterday and I just feel pretty crappy. I've been really crampy and just feel like I can't stand on my feet for a long period of time. The nauseous feeling is starting to show itself again. It's good and bad. It means I am close but its also hard when life has to go on and sitting on the couch all day isn't an option. I had an appointment on monday and everything seemed to be ok. The cramping makes me nervous but its all over the place and its not painful as much as it is annoying so I'm sure its normal. Also he is moving a ton. I'm going to see what this week brings me and go back in if I don't feel a bit better. I've had a great pregnancy so I'm allowed to feel like this towards the end. I'm guessing he will come early. As long as its after 37 weeks I am ready. I trust my body to do what it needs to do but just based on how I feel I'm guessing I won't go to 40 weeks.
So yesterday we showed up to preschool and when I went to sign in Olive's teacher ran out and said there was an outbreak of fifths disease at school and that I might not want to be there. There are about 10 kids in class and I'd say about 7 of the moms are pregnant. I was aware of the sickness but had no idea it could affect pregnant people. The risk is low but I saw no reason to chance it so we were out of there pretty quickly. Sucks but I get this happens in such a small space. I'm just thankful they told us and that we were able to leave. Unfortunately we were there last week when the kids had it and no one knew so fingers crossed that isn't why my kid is napping. I guess it's not a big deal for kids to get although the inconvenience of sick would suck but if I got it this close to birthing it could be dangerous for the baby. Gross gross! On a good note we ended up going to see a movie which was really fun and relaxing. And in ever better news Blake was able to put $100 in our account due to a mistake Siruis radio made when they overcharged us so $108 in 10 days is my new mission! Easy peasy! So we saw The Croods and it was way cute. I got her one of those kid snack packs and as long as she was eating that she was totally happy and quiet. When the icee ran out she started talking and getting antsy so we walked out to the bathroom and came back and she sat on my lap and watched the rest of the movie. It was pretty empty besides 2 other moms with kids. Also if you take your kid to a 10am movie talking is kinda part of the deal. One of the moms sat right in front of us. I mean the entire place and she had to park it in front of my toddler. Idiot. Then she turns around and looks at me when Olive started talking and asking questions. Um lady I give ZERO SHITS! So the movie was a success and the rest of the day was spent at home laying low. Olive didn't nap so we spent some time in the backyard and made crafts. We've also been working really hard on our alphabet. I mean she can sing the song like a champ but recognizing all the letters are still hard for her. Some days she does so well and knows almost everything and then other days it's like she forgets it all. I dunno just making it fun at this point and not any pressure. We write down all the letters on her chalkboard table and go through them there. I give her jelly beans as prizes and we try and make it semi fun. Her attention is pretty short but we manage to get a bit of learning in. She is getting really good at counting but we're still working on recognizing numbers. My midwife asked her to tell her the numbers off the heart monitor the other day and she knew 2 of them so we are getting there.
We've officially entered the question phase. It takes a lot of patience on my part but because I find it so funny I don't really tire out. We passed a cemetery the other day and that one got tricky. We got into talking about death but I know she can't totally get that yet so I changed the subject. Not ready for that one quite yet. The best was when she asked me why it was raining. When I say we talked for like 15 min about this I'm not kidding. With every answer there is another question even when there is nothing more to ask. It's pretty amazing. She is so curious about everything and I truly think she understands most of what I tell her. She definitely remembers EVERYTHING! With this comes excuses for things and talking her way out or into things. Today she full on lectured the dog because she hopped on the table to steal her food. Like full finger pointing and telling her why she can't be on the table. Then she asked the chickens to not get on their perch cause it was hard for her to grab them. She made them promise. Hysterical. She keeps the days interesting!


big belly.

rainy day movie. 

post dinner smashball. 

intense game. 

morning coffee date. 

and the nap. *she woke up totally fine so i think it was just a fluke (fingers crossed)

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