Thursday, May 30, 2013

still pregnant

I'm still pregnant. I will be hitting 38 weeks tomorrow. My belly is so big but the real winner here is my boobs. I mean I am pretty sure they just grew overnight. Blake said something to me last night about them being massive and then today when my friend came over it was like one of the first things she said to me too. Cool so my belly and boobs are in competition. Don't worry my ass isn't too far behind. I'm trying not to worry as my body is going to do what it needs to but seriously getting around is becoming quite a challenge. I had a really rough few days, the entire weekend I was really really crampy and felt like something was wrong. Then monday came it was the worst. I was having so many Braxton Hicks and walking was so difficult. The good and the bad was we had friends coming over. It totally distracted me from the pain and discomfort and I needed to have fun and be social but at the same time it's hard to be yourself when your body is trying to give up on you. My mom came out tuesday which was a huge relief and by wednesday I seriously felt almost back to normal (pregnant normal) My cramping was gone and I felt really good. I kinda thought it was the calm before the storm and I was going to have the baby but so far he is still cooking in there. The hardest part is just being patient and not knowing. I've been trying to keep busy but still stay somewhat mellow which is a hard balance with a toddler. Today I had a few friends over with their kids and it was perfect. The kids ran wild and we were able to mostly hang out. I still don't feel like myself and its hard to have conversations because my mind is totally distracted and I'm mostly irritable. My mom left so just need to get through dance class and a midwife appointment tomorrow and then its weekend time! With the way I'm feeling now I think I still have a little bit of time being pregnant but we shall see.

date night. 

looking ready to pop. 

not helping. 

tree trimming. 

circus stare. 

she wanted a photo with the motorcycle lady (who she thought was a princess)



morning carwash. 


covered in candy. 


drink pounder. 

showing chico the ladybug. 

real men wear hawaiian shirts. 
no relaxing around here. 

uncle pouncing. 

root beer cupcakes. amazing. 

olive and a hungry baby penny. 

girls and boys. 


mani/pedu with grandma. 

new shoes. 

she just figured out she could ride under the cart. lovely. 

bbq pizza and salad dinner. 

this shirt is kinda amazing. i'm pretty sure its a dude. 

ready to go. 

pretty sure this was the best day of her life. she needs an older sister. 


the moms and babes. 



this is what happens when i ask her to put clothes on. 

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