Tuesday, May 14, 2013

summer cold or something

Olive has a summer cold or what will turn into fifths disease. Anyone want to make some bets?? Errrr. Just when I thought we were in the clear she woke up from her nap yesterday all snotty. She has been a trooper and the cold seems really mild but she has complained a few times today that she doesn't feel good. She had a little fever yesterday but that has gone away. She is acting normal for the most part but of course I'm keeping her home so we don't infect anyone if it is fifths. Just taking it day by day. Luckily she was healthy and happy all weekend when Marisa was in town visiting. We had a wonderful time I felt pretty good for the most part. Marisa got in saturday afternoon and our first stop was fish tacos. We got manicures and went to dinner at Playground which is a big ol treat. It was delicious and so nice to just sit and catch up. The next day was Mothers Day and after a quick  doughnut stop we sat at the beach all day. Once we got home it was pretty late so we made a big bbq feast while Olive slept the night away. She fell asleep on the way home from the beach and had no interest in waking for dinner. I should of known the sick was coming after that. It worked out great as we all got to relax and eat a non rushed dinner and I even enjoyed a glass of wine. Not gonna lie is was awesome.

As I hit 36 weeks I'm feeling LARGE! Mostly just tight in there. He has grown a lot and I can tell as his movements are soooo strong and watching him move around in there is just crazy. My stomach is about as tight as it can get. My cramping is much better although today when we went on a walk I was hurting really bad. I just need to realize I can't really walk around anymore, it just isn't agreeing with me but I'm thankful I'm not like I was last week. My boobs are massive and sore and my bladder is pretty much just a joke at this point. I was wondering why I was able to take such long naps and I'm pretty sure it's because I am now up all night peeing. All part of the fun but just a few more weeks!!

I keep talking about posting recipes but since I kinda make shit up as I go I figured it might be kinda tricky. Cooking has been getting a bit harder mostly just being on my feet but I enjoy it so much that I'm just going for it. Plus all the fun summer veggies are starting to show up in my csa so I've been having the best time playing around with new veggies. Today we got some Gypsy peppers. I had never heard of them but holy crap are they good. It's kinda like a sweet bell pepper and apparently as the season goes on they change and get spicier. Not gonna be a fan of that bit for now I'm obsessed. I ended up taking a green bell pepper and the gypsy pepper and stuffing them with some leftover corn, a cous cous quinoa mix, and some goat cheese. I put them on the bbq and grilled them up and they were delicious. For sure going to do this again. The real winner is when Olive loves what I cook and she was a huge fan of these. The other night was a pretty fun meal too. I had a bunch of kale I wanted to use up and green beans so I made a kale pesto and tossed it with the green beans and a brown rice pasta. I wish I had some tomatoes or something to add a different flavor or color in there but I thought it came out really good. I've always hated green beans or at least I thought I did but I am a huge fan now. I realize the only veggies I thought I hated, yams and green beans were because they were ruined by thanksgiving. The thought of a green bean casserole makes me want to puke as do yams covered in marshmallows. I've learned that yams are amazing when mashed or made into fries. I guess I'm boring or simple, I dunno. So anyways no recipes but maybe some ideas.

I'm a little late to the game but I just discovered that store Cotton On. There is one pretty close to me and I went a bit crazy in there the other day. I wanted to buy everything for Olive and baby. The prices are good and the stuff is just super cute. I ended up getting Olive a bathing suit that she has now worn everyday and baby a shirt and a pair of leggings. I realized that I kinda have plenty of clothes for him except pants. Like not a single pair. I mean ya it will be summer but indoors and night times I might need a few. Need to make another shopping trip there for sure. People kept telling me about it and now I totally get it.

On to photos and thinking positive to getting the sick out of this house quickly!

as much as she tortures (aka won't put them down) they always follow her around.

the chicken coop is the perfect place for a tea party before bed.

a rare stroller ride. 

jacaranda season around here. 

banana cupcakes. 

she tucked anna in and read her sophia the first. 

post nap popsicle. 

always holding bones.

another day another cool treat. 

big ass bump. 

riding the big wheel, trying to beat the heat. 

the dressing room at cotton on. i mean come on. 

sharing. ug i realize she was probably sick then and we didn't know it. sorry........

back from the beach and out. 

mothers day bbq. corn, steak, portabello, and cous cous. 

love me some summer dining. 

a little surfing. 

cold treats. 

dirty kiddo.

we ran into one of her friends. beach babes. 

uncle evan and the barbies. 

kite flying. 

uncle cameron and the kinda warm water. 


happy mothers day relaxing. 

important photo lessons. 



testing out the car seat for baby. 

this is my wakeup. 

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