Wednesday, May 15, 2013

summer and getting the hell out of the house

As summer gets really close and we are spending tons of time in the backyard I'm trying to figure out what other things we need to make it super fun and comfortable back there. I think a lot of days will be spent back there when the baby comes and I'm not quite ready to venture out. I've been talking about getting a hammock forever but we don't really know where to put it. The hanging kind is my favorite but there really is no place so I think the stand kind will have to do. I've been eyeballing this one cause its adorable but it doesn't have a stand but I figure since I'm just making my ideal backyard it works right? I need to find something equally as amazing with a stand.

Yellow Leaf Hammocks Southampton Hammock

And really the snoopy snow cone machine needs no explanation at all. I had one as a kid and it was awesome. I'm sure there are probably modern ones that are much easier to use but a snow cone machine is so going to happen this summer. Oh that ice is my favorite!

Last we need a slip and slide. What is summer without a nasty grass rash?? Pretty sure they haven't changed the box since I was a kid. Again they probably have some awesome modern one but I'm feeling nostalgic tonight. What other summer treats am I missing?????

Wham-o Surf Rider Slip N Slide 16 Ft. Slide

Geez look at me blogging almost everyday this week. I hardly have anything to say but just getting on here is a good vent for me even if it's stupid ramblings. This week has been pretty boring since we've been home the whole time. Olive must of asked me a million times today what we were going to do after breakfast, then after lunch, etc. I explained over and over that she was sick and we needed to stay home. The little smartie told me that we could go to the mall and that she would sit in the stroller. I like days at home here and there but a few in a row get kinda old. We played pretty hard from about 7:30-11 and then I just got super burnt out. She likes to go from one activity from the next and my body was just super slow today. Oh and my patience is like non existent. It's not Olive's fault but I'm crazy irritable. I think it's just being uncomfortable and a little bored. Staying home isn't my favorite either. If she wakes up rash free we are getting the hell out tomorrow. I told her I had something special planned (sick pending) so we shall see. Her cold is so so mild and besides like the slightest snot its just no big deal. I'm super considerate about bringing her out and about when she is sick and as long as I don't see a rash I'll be pretty sold that we are in the clear.

hoping some fresh oj will help the sick.

cheers, always cheers. 

unicorn princess. 

we made an obstacle course for her and the unicorn. this kid has endless amounts of energy. 

a few seconds of relaxing before demanding "lets go get those chickens."

popsicle season is kinda awesome. 

taunting sierra with her jelly beans. 

abc's and jelly beans. she isn't totally interested in learning her abc's so i'm trying to make it fun.  

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