Saturday, May 4, 2013

lazy saturday

Today has been filled with a bunch of nothing and laziness and it's wonderful. Yesterday was a LONG day at the beach and my body is crazy sore so today is much needed. Blake had a check list of a few things that still need to be painted so he finished that up this morning while Olive and I ran out to get some more supplies for the chickens. We shopped at a store near our house that we had never been to and they had two adult chickens running around. One was a rooster and it was pretty mean but that didn't seem to stop Olive from chasing it. The other one was a hen and she was super sweet. The owner held her so we could pet her and she was so mellow. Who the hell thought a chicken could be sweet or cute? But it was super soft and actually crazy pretty. It also happened to be the same breed as Bones is. Olive was obsessed so I think when these chickens get bigger she is going to have a fun time with them in the backyard. Blake had to go into work for a few hours so Olive and I baked a cake and hung out. This afternoons plans consist of some major backyard work to figure out where our chicken coop is going to go. The weather is absolutely amazing today so its the perfect time to be out there. I think there will be a lot of time spent in our backyard this summer so I want it ready to go. Already we've been eating every meal out there and its just so nice.

I should be napping while Olive does but I'm at that weird overly tired point. I've started a bit of the pregnant insomnia and the early morning hours are spent tossing and turning and checking my phone. So dumb but I knew it would go there eventually. The problem is I wake up then obsesses over something totally stupid and get myself wired. Last night I started thinking about friendships and how crazy they are and how there are so many different types of relationships. I had a weird day yesterday and kinda questioned myself about a newish friendship that I have. I feel like I haven't done that in awhile, like question a friendship. I tend to know right off the bat if I like someone and I'm usually pretty spot on so when I feel like I may have misjudged someone I get kinda bummed out. Luckily I vented like a mad women to another friend and felt a million times better but it all just got me thinking last night at 4 am. Its just kinda crazy to think about all the different friendships we have in life and the people that come in our life and who stays and all that crazy stuff. I feel lucky to have a handful of people I can call close friends and who totally get me. I also appreciate some of the other friendships I've made especially the recent more mom related ones that are just starting out. Its a totally different type and feeling and getting close to people seems a bit harder these days. Obviously I think that comes with not having that one on one time especially when you are chasing kids and having half conversations. Its not a bad thing but it's just different and for sure takes more time. I've been hanging out with a group of girls for a little shy of a year now. We get together and have play dates with our kids as a large group and its awesome. The kids always have a great time and they are just so easy and fun to be around. The hard part has been getting to know them on a deeper level. Its been slow and I guess I get frustrated cause I'm that type of person that wants a bit of a deeper friendship. It's not anyones fault but its much harder. Lately I've been able to kinda see who I could see myself being better friends with, who I click with or who I just feel that comfort with. And in some cases who I just don't really care for. There is really no point to all this but I guess I just find the dynamics of friendship so damn interesting. I think I miss having that one on one time with my girlfriends and just talking and venting and doing what girls do. Ya there is the phone for all my long distant friends who of course are my best friends but it doesn't always do justice like a face to face. I guess I miss that sometimes as I haven't had that much here. Mom life is just funny sometimes and even when you think you have it figured out you actually really don't. I'm not bummed in any way just over thinking everything in my pregnant emotional state.

opie was hiding under her dress and she thought it was the funniest thing ever. 

one of the swim instructors took this last class. 

she has been testing out the crib daily. 

uncle evan the tamarins. 

we ran into a new friend at the zoo. this was the same person we had run into the day before at disneyland (while olive was melting down) olive and him were pretty funny together. 

carb loading. 

while i cook she paints. 

curious pup. 

i pretty much just want to bbq everything. 

not her room. 

olive and kylie testing out carrots. 

bok choy cheers. 

onion breath! 

isla and olive-strawberry pickers. 

picker pose. 

the moms and babes. 

someone didn't want to nap so we made a strawberry smoothie. 

blake brought some snow goodies home from work. perfect as it was 100 outside. 

free ranging. 

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