Friday, May 10, 2013

hot date with myself

Blake took Olive to Disneyland after he got home from work which is giving me a little down time. I headed out for a much needed pedicure. I can't even remember the last time I had one but it was glorious and a lovely Mothers Day treat! Then I got some jack n the box and lounged on the couch. I know, wild night! It's a bit quiet and strange but feels good to just relax and be alone even if I'm not doing much. I wish I had the energy to go to the mall and get face wash but my legs are over walking. I had a super rough 2 days and last night at about 2pm I was one more cramp away from calling my midwife. He must be in a weird position but things are hurting. Most of wednesday was spent with the most intense Braxton Hicks cramps ever. Walking around was just awful and I could not stop them from coming on. They didn't feel like contractions and they were not getting stronger or closer together so I just tried my best to sit when I could. It was just this shooting pain that was awful. I can feel that he got bigger because his movements are now different and tighter. I imagine he might be dropping down a bit more and that is making things uncomfortable. Things got pretty bad in the middle of the night. I started getting nauseous and sweating and the cramps that came on were more of a mild contraction feeling. It woke me up from my sleep which freaked me out a bit. I sat up, went pee like a thousand times, and told myself that if I couldn't fall asleep within the hour I would call my midwife. Luckily I passed out and woke up a few hours later feeling much better. Today was much better too. I was still crampy but it was manageable. Hopefully after a good nights sleep I can enjoy the weekend and a visit from my friend which I am looking forward to very much! Olive has been a champ and very patient with me. She is sooooo sensitive and totally knows when I hurt without me saying a word. Obviously she doesn't fully get it but she will come up to me and ask if my belly hurts and tell me it will be ok and give him a little rub. At home we've been playing with a lot of blocks, doing tons of paint projects, and playing a billion games of red light, green light. All things I can do while sitting. The warmer weather has been great as I can turn on the hose in the backyard and she is happy to play for awhile. It's hard but I know I won't be pregnant forever but damn I miss my body and being able to do simple things like bend over. So for now I'm just hoping that this cramp phase is over and I can have an awesome few more weeks. I'm trying to make the most of the time with Olive cause I know our little twosome is over soon. Obviously it's only getting better but things will for sure be changing. As wild as this kid can be and as crazy as she makes me she is such a good kid and I am so so lucky. She has been telling me she loves me lately and hands down it is the best thing about being a mom. That and when she says it and hugs me she goes awwwwwww and squeezes. This kid of mine.........

i had her do this when she was a baby so she knows when we pass this wall we always take a photo.

i vowed to stop eating chicken after having some as pets but we had a few breasts left in the freezer that i planned to make for the kids on a  playdate (that got postponed) so i made them anyways and she seriously ate so much and kept telling me that she just loved the chicken salad. i felt bad cause she didn't connect she was eating chicken but also was so pleased that she downed it. i gave her the rest today and she seriously ate a large human portion. we rarely eat chicken ever but i felt guilty. 


eating cookies and day dreaming. 

ice cream at the strangest most awesome place ever. 

backwards pita eating. 

i made homemade pitas for the first time and they were delicious and super duper easy. i haven't posted recipes in awhile but i might start again cause i'm having fun in the kitchen these days. inside the pita was a zucchini/chickpea patty with avocado and lettuce. The carrots were just raw/grated with lemon, garlic, and cumin. 

we visited blake at work today. i attempted to try on a bathing suits which was just a bad bad idea. i settled for a hat.  

getting big and a little awkward. i was making weird noises which is why they have the weird head turn. 

olive manhandles them but they just love her. i think because she is so comfortable and doesn't hesitate. 

bones is the calmer one and she loves a good belly rub! i'm obsessed with her little mask. 

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