Thursday, May 23, 2013

da fever

Seriously universe seriously??? Rough week around these parts. I feel like I just can't catch a break. I know its just one of those weeks but man oh man. My cramping has been pretty annoying and has caused us to cancel all play dates and pretty much not leave the house. Yesterday Blake got home a bit early and took Olive off to Disneyland for a few hours while I rested. Ok I did laundry and dishes but I did manage to have some couch time. Either way it was good to have time alone. A bit later and way earlier than expected Blake and Olive walk in and she is burning up with a fever. Poor kid. She wanted her bed right away and laid there for awhile till the meds kicked in and she wanted to be with us on the couch. Luckily she was totally fine till 2am when she was burning up again. I don't get crazy with sickness but fevers freak me out. The lack of control is just awful. The stupid meds I gave her seriously took forever to work and I was getting really pissy watching her fever get to 103. I tried to put cold rags on her and she kinda let me but then got annoyed. It was so so sad. Then I have this awful cough. I actually don't feel that bad anymore but the cough is gross and makes me pee cause this baby is sitting on my bladder. So last night I had this moment where I'm walking naked down my dark hallway with a bowl of ice in my hands and I'm coughing and I just pee a little. I laughed out loud I mean really??? Talk about just watching you be totally out of control over your body. I know its gross I mean does everyone need to know about my pee?? I dunno I just had this moment with myself. And really having a kid that is sick is one of those moments where you really feel like a mom like nothing else matters (ok except peeing myself cause that was weird) but seriously there is something about it like you are the only one that can fix it. She was just holding me and hugging me like I could save her and make it all better and it's just so sad and then at the same time like so emotional. Geez you think I need some sleep cause I'm turning crazy??

I had an appt with my midwife today and normally I would have moved the appt since she was sick. I felt like a total asshole brining my sick kid around the office but I had to get that strep b test thing (or whatever its called) and since these cramps are a bit too real I didn't want to  miss that and have to get an iv if I didn't need it. She was actually fine and we were the first appt of the day so no one was there but I still feel kinda bad. Blake had to get into work to finish up some stuff even though all this worthless co workers don't get in for hours after him and leave before him. Ug don't get me started on lazy people and getting what you deserve. I always had the belief that life was fair and you get what you have coming but Blake's work is proof that sometimes you just work harder and longer than anyone and no one gives a shit except your wife. Again emotions heightened whoa! So we're home now and Olive is sleeping and I'm hoping I can keep her mellow the rest of the day. Sick kids are funny or at least mine is. She doesn't really act sick so making her slow down is one of the hardest things.

I'm looking forward to the weekend and for everyone to be healthy and happy so we can enjoy all the fun things we have planned. On sunday I will be 37 weeks and full term so all I ask is I hold out till then and after that he is welcome to come when he is ready. I will have help this weekend from Blake so my cramps will hopefully subside, my cough should be all gone,  Olive should be back to normal, and I'm going to dip Blake in lysol when he gets home so he doesn't get it. You hear that universe, work with me!

her favorite part of swim. 

blake will bring weird stuff like this home. bathing suit/wetsuit combo. i call it the midwest bathing suit. 

gathering the goods from the garden. 

my mom bought her princess candyland and she is hooked. we play twice a day and she has beat me every time except once. i hate losing. 

so many games of dr. 

always checking the baby. 

bonding and not biting her. 

ya it's big. 

ignore my double and triple chin and look at the cute kid. 

summer dinners. 

another new favorite game, pushing her car back and forth screaming "on your marks, get set, go."

being lazy bones. 

first boba drink minus the boba. 

always holding opie. and new ballet shoes cause she grew overnight literally. 

squash from the garden. 


packing my bag with cute boy stuff. 

holding opie again. 

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  1. The belly pic is so cute! Also my bladder has been awful since having Elinor! I thought it would get better by now.