Sunday, April 3, 2011

Back off germs

I think the sick got me but I'm doing everything I can to try and maybe avoid it. Today I woke up feeling icky and tired but I'm hoping it was just in my head. Blake and I made 2 juices today. I've been burping up every damn veggie and fruit you can imagine that has vitamin C in it. I made Matzo Ball soup cause every good jew knows that will cure anything. I also took a really hot shower and used my netti pot. Am I missing anything? I could actually care less if I get sick but its Olive I worry about. 6 months we've avoided all sick, even during the nasty flu season so hoping we can make it through spring cold free. While I should of been resting today I did not. We ran out to check out some frames for our art show and then went to the market. I can't remember the last time Blake and I went to the store together. Silly Sunday errands. When we came home I made some Banana Bread. I don't think that will help my cold but it was sure delicious. I even had time to do some quick gardening. I got a tomato plant the other day at the farmers market so I planted that and pulled some weeds. I have a few more pots that are empty and I'm trying to decide what to plant. I'm kinda a plant murderer so it has to be pretty hardy. I've managed to keep Rosemary, oranges, and lemons alive...for now.

Slowly posting the photos from Mammoth.....

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  1. we used to hang gage upside down like that. :) he had a bad neck rash, and the doctor told us to hang him like a bat and let his neck air a bit. we thought he would freak out, but he loved it!