Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Itch

Ok these are the last of the Mammoth photos. I love that Sierra is always in the background being creepy. Funny pup.

I took Olive to the dr today for her rash and she confirmed that it is eczema. I've been doing all the right things but she gave me an additional cream to stop the itching. Poor thing just scratches like crazy. So hopefully it will be a little better tomorrow. She is sorta back to a semi normal sleeping schedule at night. The only bummer is her wakeup around 10-11. We go to to bed pretty early so its usually right when we have fallen asleep or about to get into bed. Last night I let Blake put her back down without feeding her. I don't think she is actually hungry but something is waking her up around that time. Need to figure out why? Last night she was up around 4 which is pretty normal. If that was her only wakeup I wouldn't mind at all. It took her awhile to get back down last night. She was being super funny and laughing at me and trying to play. She had no interest in my boob just wanted to talk and play. I finally just left her in her crib which she was totally happy with and watched her on the monitor. She was playing peek-a-boo with herself. Its her new trick. She isn't quite coordinated to always cover her face so whatever she uses will end up on her head or behind her head. Its the most adorable thing ever. She is slowly starting to put herself to sleep which is definitely one of the most exciting things ever!

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