Monday, April 18, 2011


So excited Passover was a success! It was so much fun making food and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. I overcooked the brisket a tad bit but since I put a ton of liquid (aka beer) it wasn't that dry at all. Lessons for next year. I LOVED the recipe I found for matzo ball soup. I've never used onions in the balls before but it made them super delicious. I also made chocolate matzo just for kicks. It's super simple and tastes delicious. The last sweet I made was a sesame candy. I was trying to recreate what my great grandma made but I never really ate it as a kid but it was one of my dad's favorites. He seemed very thrilled. We had a ton of other food from gefilte fish, chopped liver, kugal, salad, and a bunch of dessert treats. SO much food! Olive ate Pears but I'm pretty sure she wanted to get in on that chopped liver. I have to say my favorite part was decorating the table. It was an assortment of mismatched this and that but I was quite pleased with it. It was a really fun time and I look forward to next year!

I haven't really had a chance to recover as we were on the go all day yesterday. Olive and I went up to LA to drop off prints for an art show on thursday. Luckily she slept the whole way there. We made a little stop on the way home to say hi to Tamar which was super fun. Olive gave her quite the workout since she constantly wants to be bounced. Once I got home I had to try and plan my shoot for this week which wasn't an easy task. Olive was in play mode so it was quite interesting to try and entertain her while filling out permit forms and trying to plan a shoot. I just needed like 20 min but she was super interested in helping me type. Its days like these where I wish she took 2 hour naps so I could attempt to work but she has other plans I guess.

She is now passed out on me. She has been fighting a cold and this morning I think its all coming to a head. She is snotty and coughing a ton. She doesn't seem upset by it but we're gonna be on pj rest mode today. I put her in moby, sat on the couch and rocked her while singing a Tears for Fears song and then a Beach Boys song and she was out. If you know my child this is not normal. She is such a snuggle bunny with the sick. Hopefully lots of naps on mom and milk will get rid of this right away. Lets hope this explains the shitty sleep the last few days.

As usual I'm blabbing. Here are Passover pics.

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