Saturday, April 16, 2011


Thought I would post some photos while I'm waiting for my matzo balls to settle in the fridge. Talk about a wild saturday night! I did a bunch of prep for dinner today so I wasn't insane tomorrow. I really don't have much to do but somehow these days everything takes a million times longer than I expect so I'm learning to give myself plenty of time. Blake was gone all day helping a friend teach a photo class so Olive and I were alone for the day. I planned her nap around a little location scouting I had to do for a shoot I have next week so that took a few hours. The rest of the day was spent chasing her around and moving her when she crawled into dangerous territory. My back is so sore from bending over and picking her up all day. I better get skinny or at least get some tone to my arms! In a matter of a day she has figured out how to move pretty quickly. We spend most of our time in the living room and there isn't much she can get into. My only concern is the bookshelves. They are super heavy and one is actually bolted to the wall with an earthquake strap but she uses the books to try and stand up so I'm worried her hand will slip and she will do a face plant on the ledge of the shelf. Zero fun. I still can't believe I have a crawler.
Also she has started making signs of teething again which is freaking me out. I'm so not ready for that again. I don't feel anything on top but she has days where she drools and does a biting thing she did with her bottom teeth. I love how cute she is with the bottom teeth, its totally changed her face but its just adorable. Only bummer is she is biting my boobs. She has done it 10 times. I can seriously remember each time cause it was painful! I remember reading that when they do it to scream and tell them no but is there any other way to react but to scream? Most of the time she laughs at me which isn't really getting the message across but the other day she bit REALLY hard and I screamed REALLY loud and she was pissed and she started crying. I felt awful but its quite a shocking feeling and I just reacted. So now I have major feeding anxiety and I'm scared shitless she is going to bite me every time she eats. Really hoping she stops cause not only does it hurt when she does it but I'm really sore. I actually freaked out and thought I had thrush again cause I had that same stinging feeling but besides that we had no other symptoms so I figured she is changing her latch with her teeth and my nipples just need to get used to it? I dunno just my thinking. Too much titty talk on a saturday night. Gotta check my matzo balls and get my jew on.

Blake is not naked. I told him he was going to appear creepy and naked in the photos but he said he didn't care. It's been really hot here so he was embracing the almost nude look.

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