Monday, April 11, 2011

Gefilte Fish

Blake and I have decided to start the tradition of Passover dinner at our house. I'm really excited since I love cooking. I grew up with Great Grandparents that would get the family together for every Jewish holiday. My Nanny and Bucky as we called them would squeeze all of us into their super small apartment to celebrate with the most delicious food. I think most kids growing up in Jewish families always dread the holidays because of super gross food but that wasn't the case in our family. Nanny would slave for days in her kitchen for days making everything from scratch. As much as I remember the yummy food it was being with my family and getting my cousins together that was the most fun. Most of the time we were so busy causing trouble and getting yelled at by Nanny and Bucky in Yiddish but it was so fun. I am not religious by any means in fact since only my dad is Jewish technically I'm not a full jew but I've always had a connection with the traditions and the memories that were made with these dinner and I want to continue them with Olive and hopefully her future cousins.
So I've been searching for recipes online and going through Nanny's dinner in my head. I have a few of her recipes written down but most were in her head so I can only guess.
A few years ago when I was living in NY my cousin Lacey and I attempted a Passover dinner. It was super fun to cook and I think we did pretty good for our first time. I emailed Lacey for the Brisket recipe yesterday and she had asked to see the photos from 4 years ago so I tracked them down and I immediately started crying my eyes out. Mom hormones are unbelievable. I got really sad for missing NY but mostly cause we are both mommas now (Lacey is due in a few weeks) and next year we can really start this tradition with the next generation.

A light beer is key to a moist brisket. No joke. If you wanna drink one for yourself after that is even better.

One of my most favorite things as a kid was playing with the olives.

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