Friday, April 29, 2011

Everything and Nothing

The last week has been this whirlwind of craziness. All good but just nuts. I had two jobs last week and have another next week. I know that doesn't seem like much but photo jobs are pretty time consuming. The shoot is the quick part but the post work usually takes hours and hours and since its editorial work there is usually some sort of time crunch. I was so lucky to have my mom down to help out. I was able to do my shoots, get all my post work done and not stress at all which is such a wonderful feeling. Blake left for Canada on Wednesday to assist on a photo job. He's just chilling on some little island right now with some friends moving a few lights around, getting fed fancy meals, you know living the dream. I'm only kidding, it is work. We haven't been able to talk much. He has tried calling me a ton of times but the service there is really crappy. Yesterday on a break from the shoot we were able to facetime chat which was really nice. The entire crew got to meet Olive and she was so happy to see his face and hear his voice. He comes home tomorrow and I can't wait. When he worked freelance he was gone all the time for days and sometimes weeks at a time. It wasn't that big of a deal pre-baby but I think now with Olive I'm pretty thankful for him having a full time job. That and a really laid back job that let him leave for Canada for a few days.
I spent the last few days at my parent's house since Blake was gone. I had my mom come back with me today so I could finish up hours of retouching and didn't have to do it all night since it took me almost all day. Plus this way she can stay and watch Olive on Wednesday. I feel so bad, I've totally dragged her back and forth the last two weeks so she can help with babysitting. The life of a Grandma! She has been amazing and has basically put her life on hold to help me out. I'm a lucky girl! Olive will be a happy little thing to spend more time with her. I can remember how much I loved being with my Grandma when I was little. Grandma's just have that special ability to make you feel really special.
So besides work I've been going crazy with spring cleaning. I decided I wanted to make Olive a playroom so with the help of my mom we went crazy and moved around a lot of stuff. I usually spread Olive's toys all over the place and it's fine but there are so many places for her to go and some are kinda dangerous. Of course I will let her roam around but I thought it would be nice for her to have a little space to play. I think having a safe place and be independent is healthy. So furniture was moved and we pretty much played musical chairs with my house but I think it is coming along. I grabbed some furniture from the garage and got some paint to freshen it up so tomorrow I will go crazy and paint away. We'll see what happens but I'm excited for a room for her.
I introduced a few more foods to Olive and so far she is loving zucchini mixed with apples. I thought it was kinda weird but pureed zucchini is kinda bla so I added the apples and it was super yummy. She loved it. I also mixed some apples with spinach and she was a fan. I'm so happy she is excited about eating. I'm still being cautious cause she is pretty sensitive. Last night I ate a cheese enchilada which I hadn't done since I was pregnant and she was so upset all night. I thought since she was older the dairy thing would get better but that was not the case. In small doses its totally fine but straight cheese is a big no.
I wish this post was more exciting but I'm so tired and I must try and sleep for a few hours before Olive wakes up again. Since she isn't sick anymore sleep has gotten a little better but she is still up 2-3 times a night. It isn't perfect but we'll get there.

Here are some cute photos of Olive and my Dad that my mom took........

and also some photos my mom took during our 7 month shoot....

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