Monday, April 25, 2011


Yep I just did a Passover post and now a Easter post?? It's confusing I know. Like I said, I'm a half jew so the other half gets to decorate eggs and get baskets full of chocolate for a day. No complaints here. More important it was Olive's first Easter. She was still a little under the weather so she wasn't in the best of moods but she sure enjoyed her Easter basket from my mom. Ok she mostly enjoyed the plastic wrap but once she realized there were toys inside she was pretty happy. Oh and best part was the assortment of Barry Manilow shirts and onesies. I know its a little weird but its kinda a family thing. My mom is a huge fanilow (yep I just wrote those words out) so Barry has kinda been part of my life growing up. I know its weird but I actually like the music. It's probably more of a nostalgic thing. Anyways my mom found these onesies and shirts on the Barry Manilow website and there were only a $1. There were also other goodies non Barry related that Olive loved. Grandma Rosie got Olive an amazing pair of Toms which I'm thinking might look pretty good her her new Barry shirt?? I had no idea Tom's made so much cute kiddo stuff. I was checking out ohdeardrea and she had a photo of her Easter basket from her mom and it included these Toms. Pretty sure I need these right now.

Besides Easter baskets we had a yummy brunch and decorated Easter Eggs. My dad usually doesn't decorate eggs but this year he went nuts. He busted out a sharpie and highlighter. It was hysterical. Now what to do with 2 dozen eggs??

Olive is finally recovering from her cold but really slowly. The poor thing is scared shitless of the nose frida but its the only thing that clears her up. She still has a cough but I'm hoping it will be gone soon. It just feels awful to watch her get all stuffed up and not know what to do with it.

Oh and Blake and I just watched a sign language video and we're thinking of trying it with Olive. I've been making the sign for milk and all done when I feed her but otherwise that is all. I don't know if it will stick or if we'll do it enough but I think it would be awesome for her to learn a few signs just to be able to communicate with us. I dunno we'll see.

A few Easter photos. Thanks Mom for taking photos since I was a lazy ass.

Microwaving Peeps. Yummmm

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  1. those cupcakes look amazing!

    it's a good thing my mom doesn't know about barry manilow onesies, or owsley would definitely be stuck in one.