Thursday, April 21, 2011


We just got back from the gallery show where Blake and I were both showing work. The party is probably really starting now but we wanted to make sure and get our sick little baby home. She was actually having a great time watching people and I swear she was looking at all the photos. I would just watch her little eyes scan the walls up and down. Pretty amazing. I was looking forward to this show for months now but I was just way too tired to enjoy it. I know bummer Jenn time but we've had a rough three nights here. Olive has a cold so she refuses to sleep in her crib. She wants to be held the entire night. I don't blame her, I'd want to be held all night too if I felt like shit. So the last few nights has been spent playing tag team of sleeping. Blake will spend a few hours with her on the rocker and couch then I will take her in bed for awhile and it goes like this all night. Last night was probably the worst. We were in bed and she woke up so I tried to feed her and she had a crazy coughing fit and threw up all over me. Then as we sat up she did is again but this time all over the bed. Poor little thing. I should be sleeping now but I don't even feel tired because I'm so tired. Does that even make sense? I so wanted to enjoy my show tonight but I felt so gross. I hated what I was wearing cause I was too tired to put together a cute outfit (I know so so lame but when you don't feel cute it can ruin things) and I felt so antisocial. I was so excited to meet the people I was showing with but I was just blank. I'm usually so social and love to talk and be around people but tonight I felt like I had nothing to say. Ya I was having a feel bad for me kinda night but whatever it happens. Oh well I'm sad that I probably missed everyone who came to see us tonight at the show cause we left so early but I'm sure they will understand a sick baby and sleepy parents. I hope the little one feels better. I feel so awful that I wasn't able to keep her well. I thought my milk had super powers in it!

I am so happy tomorrow is friday which means weekend which means Blake is home which means hopefully some family time. I have two shoots next week which I'm thrilled beyond belief but one has proved to be a total fucking nightmare and so far has taken up the entire week of stressing, emails, phone calls, and trying to figure out an answer. I still don't have a solution but maybe it will come to me in my dream or while I'm rocking Olive to sleep at 3am. Either one is fine.

Today wasn't the best of days but lets hope tomorrow will be full of good things.

This is one of my prints. You can see it better here.

And also this one (girl on bike)
The other one is Blake's photo.
Matchy match

Olive's art show outfit.

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