Tuesday, April 12, 2011

spring sprung something

Some days are just crap and there is no rhyme or reason to why. Maybe not crap just bla. I've started to blame my non existing period. I mean just cause in not actually bleeding doesn't mean I'm not having PMS. And when I used to PMS it was brutal like I turned into bat shit crazy Jenn for like 2 days a month. I was completely irrational, emotional, and so unpredictable. Poor Blake. I'm sure I can put a little blame on that. Also with the seasons changing I get restless. This can be a good restlessness a wanting of change I guess. Just don't know how or where I want to make that change. My life, as much as I adore it has become predictable day to day. I like this in certain respects but in other ways I get restless and not the good kind. Obviously only I can make these changes and I'm not bitching so much as blabbing. I'm not mad or sad just in the middle. I think with warmer weather olive and I will venture out more and especially now that she is almost mobile playdates will be more fun for her and me. Since she wakes up a lot at night Blake and I have been going to bed almost right after she goes down which gives us no alone time. Were both just so tired and it's the only way we know we can get some sleep. It's all just adjusting. As much as parenting has gotten easier or I guess we've gotten more comfortable with it there are still so many things we are learning and things are changing all the time.

I ran into a friend of Blake's at the farmers market last week and we were taking babies. She told me someone gave her advice that she said was the best she has received. It was something like things only last in 3's. 3 days, 3 weeks, or 3 months and then it passes. So nothing is forever. She was referring to olives lack of sleep. I know it's not profound but it's true. The crap things in life won't last forever which is great and you just have to suck it up and wait it out. I dunno just kinda made sense to me.

There is really no point to this post just in a venting mood and feeling antsy. My mom is here for a few days which always gets my head back into place. I've been able to get some shopping for Passover done which is only round one of what I need to get so its a huge help. My cold is on its way out and I have a million times more energy so I'm hoping that the rest of this week is great and I have the motivation and none of this weird negativity.

On a fun note I think Olive is going to walk before she crawls. She is way more interested in pulling herself up on things and when she is in crawling position she gets into full downward dog and tries so hard to stand up. She is moving so much that I can't really leave the room cause when I return she has rolled to the other side and I have not baby proofed anything yet. I need to get on that. She has started making the funniest noises, it kinda sounds like a "huh" and its super loud. She is also really into copying me with anything I do. If I pound my hands on the ground she does it. So this morning we were listening to music and I taught her to headbang. She thought it was hysterical. I'm trying to teach her to wave now but she isn't into doing that yet. She is a funny baby for sure.

She likes peas! Next we're trying Pears......

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