Tuesday, February 7, 2012

charlie brown

Today is a rainy day so we're staying inside which is always tricky with an active little one but I bought a big ass box of crayons and have stickers galore so I'm hoping some crafts will keep her busy. She still isn't into playdough at all so it's been hard to find things to keep her busy when we have to stay inside.

Yesterday we ventured to Knott's Berry Farm and she LOVED it. She wasn't so much excited about the rides as she was about watching the rollercoasters and hearing all the screams. There was also a horse and carriage that would make laps around and I swear she lost it everytime and screamed at them with excitement. Next time we will find a way to get a ride. There are about 5 rides she can go on in Camp Snoopy until she is 36" tall which I imagine isn't for another year or two. The few she can go on are pretty fun even for me. She only hated one of the rides which was this boat that whipped all around. I still feel sick from it and I can handle almost any rollercoaster but this was just gross. She looked so frightened the entire ride and kept signing all done when she could manage to get her hands off the bar. The rest of the rides she just sat there kinda confused. I'm sure next time she will really enjoy them but I think the first time is just kinda strange. They do have a carousel which she loved and also a HUGE bounce house which she knew exactly what to do with. We also sat through an entire 20 min Charlie Brown show. I didn't think she would last but she loved it. There was singing and dancing and she pulled out all her dance moves and was so excited. BUT she is not a fan of animals in costume. She lost her shit when she saw Snoopy but was totally fine with all the Peanut Characters. Who knows why?? We wandered around the park and watched all the crazy big people rides and ate a pretzel in the ghost town. There was no one there which was really nice. But man oh man the people that were there are quite an interesting crowd. We never waited in a line and for the most part we were the only people on the ride at a time. It's so close so I think we will be spending many more days at Knott's.

We spent this weekend up at my parent's house hanging with them and watching the superbowl. We had a yummy sushi dinner saturday night and spent hours at the park on sunday morning. Olive even slept in for us which was a treat. We had 3 days of sleeping in, all past 6am and one nap but then this morning something happened and it was another 5am wakeup. Nothing changed so I have no idea why but we sure did enjoy those later mornings. I'm sure its another phase but the 5am wakeups just seem to feel like they last FOREVER!!

I can't remember the last time I ate my breakfast alone or without sharing.

Relaxing for a few seconds.

Falafal, Cous Cous, tomato, hummus, and pita.

Early morning walk through the park.

Still trying to figure out how to keep her happy in a stroller for more than 5 min. Snacks and toys only buy me a little time.

Likes the big kid swing now. I think she almost fell asleep.

She points out every airplane.

Obviously really safe.


Early Morning coffee run.

In n' out and Sierra.

My friends pup.

Big fan of miso soup.

Kids bento box. Corn dogs, avocado tempura, rice, chicken wing, french fries and a yogurt soda. Doesn't seem very Japanese to me.

Olive's art rock band.

New shoes. I want them in my size.

I like to pretend I live in Hawaii.

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