Saturday, February 11, 2012

piss and poop

Saturday night was/is just as wild as Friday except tonight I have a black sticky face mask on. We just finished the last episode of Downton Abby. Oh my was it good! And tomorrow Walking Dead is back on. Total tv scores. Blake and I get pretty obsessed with shows. We don't have cable (except a few basic channels) so we don't actually watch anything when it is on so we're always a few days late but we sure like our tv shows. Today was pretty uneventful. I went to kickboxing in the morning and Blake and Olive hung out. It was kinda gloomy and cool out and we couldn't really decide what to do so we ended up getting lunch at the most delicious vegetarian Vietnamese. It kinda blew my mind it was so good. Olive enjoyed my vermicelli and even sat in a booster seat until she decided that was boring and then turned into crazy toddler but all in all it was a good lunch. Blake wanted to check out the swap meet in HB so we did a couple of laps and headed home in time for Olive to nap. Swap meets are kinda like my personal hell. Crowds of people and unorganized clutter and junk. Ya hell. I think we all napped when we got home which was lovely. It was a pretty lazy day. Tomorrow I'm hoping Blake will be joining me to go see my most favorite singer in the world play up in LA . Just waiting to hear if Blake's parents can watch the little one for the night since it might be a bit on the late side. If not I'm going solo cause the last time I saw him play was a few weeks before I moved back to California from New York so it is a much needed night.
On a completely different note I'm looking up potty training stuff. I feel like it might be around the time to start? I mean I don't want to rush anything but she seems to understand things so much easier now that I think she may catch on to the idea of using a potty in the next few months. Especially since we have so much naked time lately maybe I can give it a try. Last week I thought she had to pee so I put her on the big toilet and she wasn't too into it so I think I need a mini toilet. Just when I stopped talking about my boobs and breastfeeding we've moved on to piss and poop. Oh let the fun begin! Yes these are what my saturday nights are made of.......

I guess my computer is vintage now. Awesome.

Watching the cats play in the backyard this morning.

tofu scramble and blueberries for breakfast.

My grandma found these goodies(there were my Grandpas). Trying to figure out if the film has been shot and where and if I can process it. How cute are these canisters??


Swap Meet.

I can't remember the last time she walked anywhere, we run everywhere.

Totally spacing out and making the weirdest face.

Bug bite on my cheek. I can only assume it was when I was sleeping and that means some nasty ass spider was crawling on my face while I slept. Awesome.

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  1. We were excited for The Walking Dead to come back on fact I got creative with some blue and purple eyeshadow and zombied myself. Husband was creeped out. Score!