Thursday, February 9, 2012

olive shoud be a farmer

Another early morning here, well mostly for Blake and Olive. This mama got to lay in bed till after 7!   I looked at the monitor at 4:51am and she was standing but luckily she went back to sleep till 5:20 and then was up for the morning. The day before she slept in till almost 7am and it was perfect. So now its only a little after 8 and she is already down for a nap. I have never wanted predictability so bad before. Selfishly it's impossible to plan days especially when we are always on the go. We've officially tried everything. We've been doing a later bedtime, later dinner, etc and nothing makes her sleep past 5am. WHY???? I feel like this is all I talk about now but it's kinda ruling my life right now and its getting a tad bit annoying. It's not like she is lazy or anything during the day either, in fact it's the opposite. Yesterday we met up with some friends at the zoo and I left early so we could make a stop at the farmers market and get to the zoo so Olive could play on the slides before everyone got there. You know to get the extra hyper out. It didn't work. Once my friends got there we walked around the zoo and Olive's only mission was to push Amelie's stroller. If I took it away she would throw herself on the ground and have a full meltdown. She didn't care about the animals, just wanted to push the stroller. It was fine but I wanted to enjoy the zoo with my friends and their kids who didn't make a peep and looked at all the animals. Then lunch time approached. I knew how it would be. We all sat down on the grass meaning everyone except Olive who wanted to play on the park with her grilled cheese. She would not sit on the grass or my lap and just wanted to run so I spent my entire lunch chasing her and bringing her back. It was exhausting and a little embarrassing. Obviously I love my kid but she is soooooo hyper. I just wanted to sit down and enjoy my lunch for 10 min with my friends. I know I'm bitching and complaining but it's hard. Unless you have a "spirited" child it's hard to understand. She is nonstop and as much as I am too (she got it from somewhere) after awhile I get tired and just want to slow down. I love her personality, I mean she is not lacking in that department and of course I wouldn't change it for the world but I also don't totally know how to deal with it all the time. I've been reading the happiest toddler on the block and it's interesting and a lot of it makes perfect sense but I'm not entirely sure Olive will respond to some of the ideas he has but we'll see. More on that later when I finish the book. I know a book can't help me raise a child but I have also never done this before and raising a baby is one thing but a toddler with opinions and a voice is a whole other ball game.

On to photos. I forgot to take photos at the zoo but here are a few from the last few days.

They look strange but these are my great grandma's pilimeni recipe.

Olive didn't want to join me in my weird mirror photo.

I always feel clown like with red lips.

After zoo water party.

pirates booty.

Making dinner........

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  1. I hope the book helps you out with some ideas. I feel like if I have to wake up everyday at 5am I would go insane.