Friday, February 17, 2012

happy long weekend

Olive is taking a late nap and I'm relaxing and enjoying some crappy tv. We went to Knott's Berry Farm for a few hours this morning. I forgot about the holiday and it being crazy crowded but it ended up being really fun. We mostly wandered around and watched the roller coasters. It takes her awhile to warm up and want to go on the rides. We only went on 3 rides and the bounce thingy and then watched the show Charlie Brown show where she danced her ass off. I need to go back with Blake because there are so many rides I want to go on and especially mid week when its totally empty.

We don't have any plans this weekend which I'm kinda bla about. I forgot it was a holiday and I kinda wish we had planned something or we'll just end up doing what we always do. I invited some friends over for Bloody Mary's on sunday but we'll see if that actually happens cause with kids added to the mix there somehow always ends up being a sick kid or something that comes up but fingers crossed we can all get together and enjoy a little fun time. I'll be gone all next weekend for Ashley's bachelorette party so I feel like I may need to do a quick shopping trip this weekend. I know I have a closet full of crap but I was hoping to find a new dress to wear Saturday for our fun event. Can't say what cause I'm not sure if Ashley is reading!! We still haven't told her anything, the only thing she knows is that she is flying into LAX and I'm picking her up. I think it's fun that way. Getting together outfits for a whole weekend is stressing me out so hopefully the magic outfit fairy with help me throw some cute shit together so I don't feel like frumpty dumpty mom. I will miss Olive like crazy but I know she will have fun with Blake aka Blake's parents as I'm sure he will be down at the beach all weekend with her. So hopefully she won't miss me too much.

Here are a few photos before Olive wakes up and it's game on again.

sitting in a shopping cart isn't an option anymore. we stand.

end of the day and someone is unhappy!

after kickboxing. not sure why i look 12.

The bench ride at Knott's.

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