Saturday, February 11, 2012


*posting this sat am, technical difficulties......

Big friday night on the computer! Trying to get stuff done and of course my email decides it doesn't exist anymore, like my entire gmail is gone and I can't find it anymore. Going to pretend it's just missing and when I wake up in the morning all will be ok. Oh technology sometimes I wonder about you. I have bags of clothes to put away/try on again from my shopping trip with my mom today. Olive and I met my mom up in Santa Monica at Third Street for the day of shopping. I'm on a mission to find a dress for one of my bff's wedding and some other clothes for other parties and such so we shopped the day away. I have no focus when shopping and my mom is really good about finding stuff I like. I'm probably the worst girl ever. I love clothes but shopping is really hard for me because I get totally overwhelmed and annoyed if I can't find something. If someone would just shop for me I would be totally happy. My mom is patient and 99% of the time whatever she picks out for me I love and end up buying. I found a dress that I liked but I will probably buy a few more before I decide on one to keep. I am the matron( errr sounds like an old lady) of honor so I want something special and of course something I feel amazing in. We get to choose our own dresses with a few color requirements but the color is awesome and pretty easy to find so its just a matter of the perfect one.  I ended up getting a few fun summer/spring shorts and tops which have nothing to do with the wedding but are super cute. Olive even scored some adorable shirts at Zara kids (so glad that store is far away cause I'd spend wayyyy too much money there),some yo gabba gabba vans, and a dj lance rock doll. So many fun goodies and so grateful for my mom for taking me shopping and helping me wrangle Olive. My next mission will be shoes but one thing at a time.

She has 4 freckles on her nose.


super safe.

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  1. I hate shopping too! I wish I was better at online shopping but that even stresses me out.
    Love Olive's new shoes!