Monday, February 13, 2012

Hotel Cafe

It's ok to wear my workout pants all day if I went on a walk/jog this morning right? I am usually really into changing into clothes and getting ready for the day but today is stormy and I'm going to kickboxing later tonight so it's better to just keep them on right and not feel like a total slob right?? I'm anti mom pants all day, makes me feel dirty but today I'm going to let it slide.  I had to pick up Olive bright and early from Blake's parents house this morning so they could get going to work so I figured we should at least walk on the beach for a little while since we were down there. It was so pretty out and actually nice and cold which was lovely. I think this week we are going to have a little hint of winter and maybe even some rain.

So Blake and I went on our awesome date last night since his family was able to watch Olive. It was so needed and so nice of Blake to come with me. I've dragged Blake to at least 20 Jonah shows in his days. Most were in the early days of dating and marriage where we would do anything no matter what just to be together. He isn't a fan of the music but he came anyways to be with me last night which was sweet. I asked him at least a dozen times what he did wrong or felt guilty for since he offered to come. I was half joking, the other half still wondering. Jokes aside it was lovely.

We headed to LA and got dinner at Cafe Gratitute which is a spot we've been wanting to go to for awhile now. It was funny to be back in LA especially not with a toddler in tow. It was home for us for so many years but it felt so different. I can't describe it but it just felt strange like I was visiting this new place and I was this outsider which I guess it partly true since it hasn't been home for so many years. The meal was unreal and it was great to enjoy a long dinner and sip slowly on a beer. We headed to the venue, Hotel Cafe which was on a street I spent most of my 20's getting drunk on and crossing back and forth to Beauty Bar and Burgundy Room. It looked so different, there were new bars and restaurants and there wasn't crowds of kids like I remember. Granted it was a sunday night but it was still quiet. Funny enough when I walked past one of the bars I used to go to the same bouncer was at the door. I guess some things don't change. The show was so great, just like I knew it would be. We even ran into an old friend at the show which was nice.  It felt like the old days of going to shows and seeing familiar faces and knowing you would always see someone you knew. I've been seeing Jonah for over 15 years now in various bands and as much as my musical tastes have changed I have always loved what he was doing. His shows are kinda like inside jokes and I think anyone that randomly stumbled upon the show would be confused and bored. But he will always be my favorite performer ever. I don't care that Blake doesn't totally get it and pokes a little bit of fun at me but the music makes me happy and makes me feel comfortable and uncomfortable at the same time. Ok before I get all emo and shit here is a video from last night. I saw this girl filming and I knew it would be on youtube. Score! Yes this a Ginuwine cover of Pony and it's amazing.

Sunday Morning at the park.

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