Wednesday, February 22, 2012


It's always so hard to get back into the week after a long weekend. I think tomorrow I will feel back to normal but man oh man am I tired and lazy. On saturday afternoon we decided we would drive down to san diego. It was a sorta last minute decision that turned out to be really fun. Well besides the traffic alllllll the way down there. It turned out to be fine, Olive was in a good mood considering she was in a car for almost 3 hours. We made a stop at a gallery that Blake wanted to check out and wandered around there for a bit. Then we stopped at our favorite Mexican restaurant and got some food to go. We weren't that hungry and eating out with Olive isn't that easy these days. We decided that we didn't want to sit in the car yet so we headed to Balboa park and wandered around for a little bit. I forget how much I like that place. I used to go there all the time with my tofu burrito from pokez and just hang out and people watch. Once it got cold so we decided to head home. Luckily Olive was totally worn out and passed out for the ride home.
The next day was supposed to be a fun day with my girls but I felt like I was getting a cold and I didn't want to take any chances with all the kids so I canceled. I felt bad since I was so looking forward to it but sickness it nothing to screw around with. Turns out I didn't have a cold and it was just allergies. With all this warm weather everything in my back and front yard is blooming and its messing me up big time. I hope more than anything Olive doesn't get my allergies. It's enough to put me in bed sometimes cause I get so sick but luckily its not that bad anymore, just feel awfully tired and my throat hurts but whatever as long as it isn't sick I'm good. My parents ended up making a last minute trip down to meet us for dim sum which was lovely. We ate a ridiculous amount of food then hung out at the house for the rest of the day. It was nice to be mellow and not do anything especially since I felt so bla.  Olive had the best time hanging with my parents cause grandparent attention is sorta the best thing ever cause they will play non stop.
On monday I was on a mission to go shopping. I really wanted a new pair of pants so we headed to Fashion Island to wander around there. On the way down we made a little stop to say hi to Blake's parents. Their dog passed away that morning so they super sad. Awful awful awful! If you have a dog you know that they are just like your children. You love them with everything you have. Blake and I always said we didn't  know how we could have more love for a child after having a dog. Obviously we love Olive more than words can even express but the love you have for your dog is pretty magical. I am so sad for them and I honestly can't even imagine. Lucky was old which doesn't make it ok but does make it better. So hug your animal extra tight. I know I sure did.
As usual I went off on something else. So anyways we spent a few hours shopping and I did find jeans and a shirt. Score for me! On the way home we stopped to get some plants and goodies to refinish our table. Yep we're all domestic and shit. That night I had my first Muay Thai class and it was pretty crazy. I've been doing kickboxing for years on and off but this is so different and so technical. I'm going to stick with is as I think it will help me actually learn as opposed to just kicking and punching the shit out a bag. I also did my kickboxing class right after so if I don't get skinny from all this I will not be happy! The technique is sooooo hard and I love pushing myself. My instructor who is very large stepped on my foot by accident and it's pretty messed up and bruised. The other foot ended up bruised too since we do everything with no shoes. Guess I need to callus those bad boys. Until them I'm going to look abused. Just hoping I will be able to go back tomorrow and actually kick without screaming from pain.......

first del taco. don't judge us.

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