Thursday, February 16, 2012

preschool and creepy dudes

Today while I was driving I was thinking about preschool. I know it seems way too early to think about it for Olive but from what other people say it seems you have to pre register way ahead of time especially in the more popular schools. People in Brooklyn used to joke that when you became pregnant you had to start registering for preschool. I thought it was a joke but I guess not. Yikes! From what I can tell some preschools start at age 2-2 1/2 depending on the school. I still have no idea where or what we will do but I have been thinking. My thoughts on this were that I remember preschool. I know people say kids don't really have a memory of things until they are older but whatever age it was in preschool, I remember. I went to Farm School, yep my school was a farm. I remember bunnies and if I close my eyes I can remember what the fences looked like. I remember the playground especially this massive tube like thing that I would crawl into. It seemed so big. I also remember the swings. I was really good at swinging high. I also remember the day I cried my eyes out in class because I couldn't draw my e the correct way. I can seriously remember it like it was yesterday. I was on the swings and mrs. Firestein came outside and told me that I needed to come in the classroom. I remember sitting with her and just crying. I was so upset. I think I wanted to work on my art projects but she made me draw e's. I'm sure my mom would remember the story better but it just sits with me. Obviously it's not traumatizing by any means but I remember it. It makes me think about the importance of preschool and if it is or isn't important? I mean part of my thinks it should just be a big ol play time and learning to socialize with other kids but the other part of my thinks that starting to learn is a good thing if that is what your child is ready for. Obviously there are different schools for these different reasons. I've started looking into the Montessori schools and am really curious about them. There is one right down the street and I really want to check it out. I've read a little about the methods they use and I'm wondering if it might be a better fit for Olive. I still don't totally know too much about it but from what I can tell they kinda let them lead the learning within limits but it seems so independent. The way I see it you have your entire education from elementary school to college to have structure and maybe a little freedom is a good thing. Like I said I don't know too much. I just assume this freedom comes at a high price $$. I want to ask around and talk to other moms and see what is out there. I like that there are choices for Olive. I just need to see what works best with her personality and of course our bank account.

In the morning we usual have the news on for a little bit and lately all I've been hearing about it all these child molestation cases and it makes me wanna vomit. I get so sad knowing that a school is a place you are supposed to trust with your kids and then bam your child gets felt up by some creepy teachers. People are disgusting. It made me remember this old dude who worked at my school in elementary school. I wanna say I was in 3rd or 4th grade but I remember him well because he ignored me and he was OLD. Well not so much ignored me as he was super touchy and lovely with a few certain kids. At that age I didn't think it was weird at all that an old man just hung out, plus it was a different time. He was always in our classrooms helping out and was around during recess. He didn't work there (I don't think) but he was just around helping. He was old too and looking back at him now he was TOTALLY creepy. Turns out he did get in trouble for something touchy with kids but it was so long ago that I don't really remember but I just think about how the teachers let that happen and they thought it was ok for some old man to hang out and hug and get touchy with a bunch of kids. This stuff happens anywhere no matter how safe and fancy the school is or if it's some shit hole in the ghetto. I don't really have a point except I guess we just have to teach our children about creepsters (at a young age) and hope these people stay far far away.

Always thinking........

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