Thursday, February 2, 2012


This week has been filled with 5am wakeups and I have no idea why. Blake is the one who gets up with her but the hour I lay in bed is usually staring at the ceiling although this morning I actually fell back asleep since my insomnia has been kicking in like crazy lately. I hate 5am, I hate it. It's way too early and I have no idea what to do. We've tried messing with a nap schedule but there is no way she can make it that long after waking up at 5am so trying to get in one nap is becoming impossible. I'm out of ideas. I'm thinking of keeping her up an extra hour but everytime she stays up late she still wakes up at the same time but that is the only thing I haven't tried for more than a day. Plus at night she goes right to sleep like a champ. No idea what to do except bitch and moan.

Tuesday I had a nice little mental breakdown that ended with me in forever 21 buying shit I can't afford. The day was just one thing after another and as soon as Blake got home I just left and cried the entire time to South Coast Plaza. How ridiculous is that? I won't even go into the day but lets just say it started with shit being splashed on me twice and ended with me thinking Olive was going to die from eating a flower. The other crap just added to it. I felt better after a good cry and some retail therapy. Some days are just stupid but luckily yesterday was much better. We met up with Natalie and the kids at Art Soup in San Diego. The kids painted and got messy for a little while then we headed to lunch in Carlsbad. We had some ice cream (Olive's first ever) then walked around the outlet stores to get any extra energy out of the kids for the drive home. A little friend time really helps.

Our sick is gone which is wonderful so I'm hoping the rest of the week is smooth sailing!

Before this sick went away.

She put these on all by herself.


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  1. Welcome to my world!!!! Times 3
    My kids wake up at 6am daily. They have been doing this since forever...always...My man and I hate it. I have also tried changing naps, no naps, later bedtimes and they still wake up at 6am. I think once in a blue moon they will sleep till 7am but, that is so rare. My boyfriend hates it so much because he is a night owl and wants to stay up late. I don't know why he does still considering he knows for a fact our kids will wake up at the crack...I don't know what encouraging words to tell you because now my kids are 4-3-1 and all do it. I have even brought them back in our bed to do co sleeping which I am not a huge fan of when they get older and it doesn't work.