Wednesday, February 15, 2012

V Day and a really long paragraph

Nothing fancy happening in these parts for Valentines Day which is fine. I'm not a bitter hater of the holiday just think it's sorta silly. I don't need forced red roses to feel loved but I will take chocolate any other day of the year. I did make a heart shaped cake but only because I wanted sugar and  I figured I would throw a little Valentines Day spirit out there. Olive was my helper and she did pretty good. She was super pumped to dump in the ingredients and even more excited that I let her eat the chocolate chips. Not gonna lie I've been waiting for the day that she can help me bake and cook. I'm not opposed to giving her sweets she just hasn't been around too many and since she doesn't know she doesn't ask. Her new obsession is juice. Not boxed juice which I would actually be semi ok with but juice from our juicer, you know the one that has like 10 pieces and takes a really long time to clean after using it. Um ya thanks husband for that one. We juice a few times a week (sounds so douchy huh) and one day Blake decided that Olive should have her own apple juice. She LOVED it and is now obsessed with the juicer. The other day she nearly lost her mind trying to tell me she wanted juice. She was signing for her sippy and pointing to where we keep the juicer. Practically throwing herself on the ground cause I didn't understand what she was saying. I was not about to pull that thing down and give her another juice so I kinda played dumb and tried to give her water and milk and finally she said "juice" as clear as day. Sometimes I think she fakes that she can talk cause that is kinda a big word right?  I had a few boxes of some hippy dippy juice left over from her birthday party that I put in her sippy. When I handed it to her I thought she would be so excited but she was pissed and threw her sippy across the room. Awesome. Luckily over the past week she has been ok taking some of the boxed juice and she doesn't ask for it everyday which is good cause she doesn't really need allllllll that sugar. She eats so freaking healthy that I'm ok with a little of this and that but the tantrums I cannot handle. Back to talking and words it seems like the last week or two has been crazy with talking. She says "sticker" which is probably my favorite word right now. Oh and "Bob" which is Blake's dads name. She will just repeat that over and over again and every single time she says it she will make a spitting noise after it. I'm also ordering a potty for her. I think she might be getting ready. I've been randomly putting her on the toilet and she actually tries to push but so far nothing has happened except for a big ol fart. Go Olive! She then grabbed toilet paper and pretended to wipe. Considering I haven't peed alone since she was born it only makes sense that she gets it. We'll see if she actually goes in the toilet but it's been interesting to see her slowly understand it. No pressure or hurry but if she is interested I'm all about it! Well that is all for now. I forgot to post this last night on Valentines so I'm doing it now while Olive naps and I watch the rain.

When you ask her to "smile" you get this.

When you ask her to "make a silly face" you get this.

snow shoes.

chocolate face.

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