Friday, April 4, 2014

Early Easter

Sometimes as a parent you find yourself saying stuff that you never thought would actually come out of your mouth. It happens daily. Today I had to tell Olive with a straight face not to throw her brother. Why I have to remind another human not to throw someone is beyond me but I'm guessing it wasn't the last time I will say it. They were both playing together so nicely, tons of laughing and then silence which is never good. Then this hysterical cry comes from Otto. So I run in the room and Olive is sitting on the couch with the most guilty look on her face. Her new thing is to say it was an accident no matter what happened. Once we got down to business she flat out told me she threw Otto. He was fine, but seriously??

We celebrated an early Eater today with some friends and it was a ton of fun. Easter egg hunt, tons of treats, and a bounce house. Lucky kids I tell you. Otto had so much fun!  Now that he is mobile he just cruises around finding danger and shoving potential choking hazards in his mouth. But damn he is happy doing it.

This is the first time in awhile she has asked me to do her hair and she requested a little braid.  Also this dress is my most favorite thing ever. Neon orange cats. I can't imagine a more perfect Easter dress. 

Wrangling the little ones was near impossible. Otto just sat there clapping. 

The ladies. 

I learned Otto can climb to the top of this. Lovely. 

Quick stop to visit Tutu at work. 


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