Monday, April 28, 2014

Long days

Today around 10am I found myself freaking out and wishing Olive was coming home soon. As crazy as that kid is she has been taking over so many mom duties for me. Sometimes I feel like I'm giving her way too much responsibility but I think she likes it. She is such a big help with Otto. 
Otto and I did good today. We moved around from room to room, ate beets outside and made a huge mess. It was a nice day but keeping a super active 10 month old contained when you can't get around fast is crazy. This was my first time gettjng him to the car alone. My plan was to use the stroller but he ended up crawling most of the way and I hopped with him the rest of the way. Once we got Olive she grabbed him from me and carried him to the door. He reaches out for her now and wraps his legs around her. While I was brining all the bags in she  managed to somehow put him in the umbrella stroller, buckle him in, and stroll him around house. Hysterical. 
As much as she drives him crazy he is also obsessed with her. He wants to be anywhere she is. The afternoon was nice, hectic but nice. I figured out I can push myself around in my computer chair while I cook dinner. It's helpful and I can get around pretty fast. Dinners aren't so much hard to make just time consuming and sometimes two hungry kids don't have patience. Olive was super helpful and actually asked to set the table. With the request we sit outside. The hard part is I can't carry anything with my crutches so she has to take all plates with food on them. She does great. Once we sat down it was lovely. Dare I say relaxing. My house well it looks like someone robbed me. I can't keep up with anything all day so at the end of the day it ain't pretty. 
Tonight was my first night doing baths and getting Otto to sleep on my own as Blake is out getting groceries on his way home for work. This hasn't been easy at all. Some days I wonder how I will get though another hour. Sometimes I feel like I am physically just going to fall down from exhaustion. I might one day which is just crazy. 
Costa Rica is less than 2 weeks away. I'm hoping my bones are going to be a medical miracle and that I will be totally healed. They will write about me in medical journals!! Trying to focus on that rather then how the hell I'm going to get through the airport or around the hotel In Costa Rica. 

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