Monday, April 21, 2014

No tears

I survived the day and when I say survive I mean I didn't cry. It's pretty manageable till about 3 then I hit that wall which is normal but with this just comes physical exhaustion and not to mention the size of my swollen foot. It's huge. I mean the reality is I can't stay off it. It's painful. I worry about it ever healing and I don't say that to be dramatic but more realistic. There are many things I'm starting to figure out better like walking with Otto and one crutch although as long as olive is home she does my lifting. I have lunch down as it's pretty simple. Dinner is the hardest part. While I feel like I've been making pretty simple meals it's not just a pop something in the microwave kinda deal. I cut all my veggies and have to prepare things. If I ate a frozen pizza I would feel like shit and considering I don't feel awesome these days a yummy meal helps. I made it through most of dinner making tonight ok. I was sweating but hey I'm burning calories right? Then Otto flipped and got super mad. So I had to carry him. Which means I'm hopping all over the kitchen on one leg holding him like a total maniac. The olive asks me  "why I'm fucking upset" I can promise fucking upset has come out of my mouth in the last few hours. I can only blame myself for that. 
I look at the week and I just think, holy shit balls how am I going to do this???

We made a weed crown. 

Clothing choices have been ridiculous and my kids spend all day filthy. 

This entertains them for quite some time. 

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