Saturday, April 12, 2014


I still feel like my foot is just one big dream or I guess nightmare. Everything is hard, everything. My brother helped me to figure out a way to carry Otto with one crutch and put as little pressure as possible on my foot. Its going to take some work as it's physically exhausting. But it can be done when I need to get him into his room to change a diaper. Getting him in the car might be a little tricky and I haven't quite figured that out. Today was long. Olive wasn't feeling good so I kept her home from school because obviously it's the best time for the kids to get sick. I mean bring it on universe. Otto had swim so Jared got in the water with him. It was pretty easy to manage since he did everything. Driving is ok but now that it's been in this boot for two days tiny little movements hurt so the bouncy car seems pretty painful. It's going to be a long long few weeks. Thankfully my mom is here and then it's the weekend. Hour by hour. 

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