Friday, July 15, 2011

bla days in mommyhood

It's been one of those mornings. Sometimes on friday I just feel so burnt from the whole week that it makes it hard to function and be in a good mood. I mean yay it's friday?! I don't even know what that means anymore (since I don't technically have a job) except Blake is home on the weekends and I love that. This weekend he is leaving on sunday for a boys day in LA. Booooo, but we'll manage. Hopefully saturday we will do something fun. I need something fun.

Today I just feel exhausted physically and mentally. I'm so confused about Olive's sleeping and have no idea what to do. I mean I don't even know what she is supposed to do but I feel like she is getting up more and more often. Last night at 10pm she woke up screaming cause her diaper leaked AGAIN. This is the 3rd night in a row. How is this even possible? She just had a fresh diaper put on at 7. She wears a diaper all night after that and it's fine. I feel bad cause I imagine she wouldn't of woken up then if it wasn't leaking. She was up again at 2 and then again at 4:15. I didn't get up right away at 4:15 cause there was no way she was hungry so I let her fuss and I think she went in and out of sleep for awhile until I finally went in there around 5 and fed her. She wasn't hungry just wanted comfort. She ended up fussing for awhile then falling asleep till 6:15 so that was good. She refused to eat breakfast which is annoying. Babies are funny little creatures. It was purred apples which she loves or at least did till this morning. Who knows, she will probably like it again tomorrow. She was fine this morning and took a 30 min nap while I had a major meltdown cause my computer refused to work. It's been on its way out for years now and by some miracle it's holding on but lately not so much. I was able to get some stuff done on Blake's computer luckily.

After she woke up we left the house and went to the park. I needed out of the house. We played on the swings for awhile then left. I knew she was getting sleepy so I took advantage of that and scouted for locations for an upcoming shoot I have. Yay for work! She ended up passing out so I was able to drive around and I think I actually found a good spot. My original spot I want to shoot is super sketchy like we have to jump a fence and avoid getting arrested. Oh but what we'll do for art (or something like that) Just want backup so at least if I get arrested I will have photos to submit to the magazine and get paid!

The rest of the day was pretty uneventful.  I think my bla attitude was spilling over onto Olive and she was bored. I tried to entertain her but nothing was working so we went on a walk around the block then went to the park to sit on the swing. I strap her in the ergo and we swing and she loves it. I need to snap out of my bla mood but it's just one of those days. 

We sat outside for dinner tonight. The weather has been so beautiful, kinda cool but still warm enough to sit outside. Olive had beets and carrots so that was kinda half the reason we sat out there. A hose makes for easy clean up since she throws food everywhere. She has had beets before but tonight she wasn't really into them. She is just having one of those I don't want to eat kinda days. What she did manage to eat made her look like a vampire. This is only two bites in. After dinner it looked crazy.

So on a happy note I've be obsessively planning Olive's bday party. I joined Pinterest and I'm just going crazy pulling inspiration. Is anyone else on there? My name is gopherguts if you want to add me?? I still don't totally get it but I'm sure having fun pulling inspiration for her birthday. Originally I wanted to do a llama theme but there is nothing llama out there and as much as I love a little diy I'm also kinda lazy. I don't know why I'm obsessed with having a theme but I feel like I need a focus or at least colors. Right now I have 3 color schemes I can't decide between but once I do I think I can focus my attention a bit more. I already know what treats I will be making and a few other things. I think it will be fun. I posted this before but Ashley got Olive this amazing Chloe dress and I'm seriously thinking of just making the theme around that color cause its so pretty. Is that nuts? Ok yes it is I know. This photo sucks but it's just so beautiful in person. Only problem is Olive is kinda mini so it might not fit her yet.

Well, time to enjoy some time with my book, you know another wild friday night. I'm reading the girl with the dragon tattoo. I almost put it down cause it was so slow in the beginning but it's turning out to be really good. What should I read next???

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