Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Meeting Quinn

On sunday we finally got to meet Quinn! Kristin and Ryan live in Portland now so we haven't had a chance to meet their little one. Kristin's mom threw them one hell of a party. Oh my gosh the food and the treats. I wish I took more photos of the little details of the party but trust me when I say Martha Stewart could learn a few things from this party. It was fun to see old friends and of course Olive got to hang out with her boyfriend Gavin so she was pretty happy. I don't see Kristin as much as I'd like too. You know those friends that just totally get you and no matter what you say they are just so amazing and supportive? Well that is Kristin. We  have been friends forever and been through a lot together. Mostly good but we did have a fuck the world phase where we were kinda outta control. Sorry Mom.  Don't worry, Quinn will definitely be hearing those stories when she is a bit older!!

I didn't get enough photos of Quinn as she was being passed around the entire party being the star of the show. She is absolutely beautiful and has the cutest little smile! Oh and the hair, AMAZING!

My mom got Olive to sleep on a swing. This is pretty much a miracle as Olive isn't really one to just sleep on the go. Grandma powers.

We've all been friends since elementary school.

Crumbs cupcakes.

Olive was ready to go home and swim.

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