Sunday, July 17, 2011

fried everything

I'm not quite sure how my body is actually functioning right now. I'm sure its running on pure fried foods. We went to the OC Fair on Saturday and ate our way through the entire thing. I look forward to the food fest every year and this year even more because I wasn't pregnant. Last year I thought I was dying the next day and had the worst morning sickness from eating all the crap food. This year I felt like death minus the morning sickness. Score! Stomach ache aside it was super fun and I was so excited to take Olive for her first OC Fair experience. She got to see a ton of farm critters, all the crazy rides and lights, and the loud noises. We're lucky cause she loves that stuff. The louder the music and the more going on the better for her. She enjoyed a healthy meal of organic veggies while I destroyed my body with corn, pulled pork sandwich, zucchini fries, deep fried twinkie, and deep fried Kool-Aid. Olive passed out while we enjoyed our deep fried snacks so we walked around for a bit till she decided it was time to wake up. She was super confused and not a happy little thing so we decided it was time to leave. But of course not without visiting the photobooth. I love the food at the fair but the real photobooths are the absolute best. It's funny to see people getting super impatient because they have to wait 5 min for the real chemicals to process their images. The fair is up for a month so I'm hoping we will go back one more time. I'm not gonna lie I need to get my funnel cake fix.

Today was a beach day. Blake ended up staying in town which was a nice treat. We got out of the house early and Olive ended up passing out in the car so we took advantage and got some breakfast before heading down to the beach. Blake went surfing and then we went for a walk to the pier. After Olive's nap we headed to the beach. Today was the first day she really left the blanket and explored. I wasn't sure what she was going to do with the sand. She's stuck her hands in it plenty of times but was very careful about it. Not today. She went full speed right into it and loved it. She did get sand in her mouth and pretty much every other crack and crevice on her body but she never actually stuck her hands in her mouth which is shocking to me. Her toys would fall in the sand and she would put those in her mouth but no hands in the mouth......yet. She pretty much crawled around to each person and of course everyone would play with her so she was pretty busy! We took her down to the water and she loved it. The water was actually really warm but the wind was blowing kinda hard so it made it cool outside. I was really hoping to take her in the water a little bit more cause I think she would love it. It's crazy to see her wander around and play and be such a little human.

When we got home I fried up some squash blossoms, you know cause we didn't have enough fried food this weekend. The place I get most of my veggies at the farmers market always gives me something random since I buy a shit ton of stuff and this week it was squash blossoms. I've never had them before so I looked up some recipes and it seemed that frying was the most fun and least healthy.  I ended up stuffing them with a ricotta cheese mixture and dipping them in a super basic batter. So delicious! I'm hoping to get more this week so we can stuff them with healthier things and bake them cause they are super tasty.

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